DJ Sasha - Unplugged Volume One
aka Studio Mix Vol.2, June 1993

1. 39 Orbits - 39 Orbits Theme (The Afterlife ep)
2. Klaus - Break Not Down "I got a story to tell u, techno sound, get down"
3. 108 Grand - Tonight (Deptford Dub)
4. United Space - Hallways
5. Farfability - The Narrator Device
6. Dance 2 Trance - Psychedelic Solution
7. Sasha & Danny Campbell - Together (Qat Dub)
8. Fluke - Electric Guitar (Hot Tube)
9. Mighty Dub Katz - Return To The Valley of Yeke Yeke "dan dan dan"
9. Mighty Dub Katz - Return To The Valley of Yeke Yeke (cont)
10. Direct 2 Disc - Excuse Me "it wasn't me"
11. SULO - Wont You Cry  "bo ch ahh"
12. Young Braves - Reach (Peruvian)
13. Fortran 5 - Time To Dream (David Holmes Mix) "ow"
14. Jean Michel Jarre - Chronologie 4 (Sunscreem E-Motion Mix) angelic voices/bouncy bassline
15. Visions of Shiva - How Much Can You Take (piano on beat) "shiva"
16. Aphrodite - The Vine ep (acidy riff)
17. Kym Mazelle - Was That All It Was (Morles Def Mix) (2 copies)

comment: this mix has bird sounds & jungle noises running through the mix. there is a version of this mix online without the junge noises, that version is a reconstruction of the mix done by somebody in Ableton.

sleeve notes - This is A Genuine Sasha Mixtape. Distributed Nationally By Eternal Productions LTD 081 292 6443
All Genuine Sasha Tapes Are Sealed For Security Reasons, Make Sure Yours Is Before You Buy

orig tape cover  orig tape Original

tape cover  tape Bootleg version 1
tape cover   Bootleg version 2

comment : this tape is also on the Sasha Classics 4 x tape Boxset, the 4 tapes on that boxset = One Two Three Four

sasha classics 4 x tape boxset  original tape cover


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