DJ Sasha @ Shindig, Newcastle 7-5-94
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Tape 1
1. Breakdown feat Steve Austin - Son Of A Gun (The Excalibur Super-Mix) "step up the gun" ragga male
2. Roger S & Jay Williams - Spirit Lift You Up (Nel's Bump & Grind Mix) "got this feeling, let the spirit break free, set you free" male
3. Sonya Blade And The Funky Home Dogs - House Of Love (Respect Dub) "in my house" repeated
4. Antlantean Love Machine - Hold Your Wig "cos its all about rhythm & spirit, throw your hands up in the air come on" female
5. [12:30] ??? "yeah yeah, baby you and me" female/trumpet
6. Rebound - Love Is (Rebound ep) "im feeling bigger, im going bigger" piano/female vocals
7. M.B.S. introducing Wanda Lamour - Gotta Have You "I need you, I want you" piano/female vocals
8. Warp Factor 1 - Care 4 Me (Holographic) "oh baby you dont care for me" piano
9. Janice Robinson - Children (Joe T. Vannelli Totally Remix) [Dreambeat] "come onto me"
10. Sandee - Notice Me (Afro Morning Mix) "hey yeah" femal vocals
11. The Factory - T.I.M.E. (Climax Time) inst with rising sounds (briefly) sounds like Zee - Dreamtime
11. The Factory - T.I.M.E. (Climax Time) inst with rising sounds (cont)
12. Ascension - Move To The Music (female vocal)
13. Left Hand Down - Viva Dubs Pt 1 [Subwoofer] "ooh baby yeah" female / piano
14. Duke - A New Beginning (Ramp Beginners Mix) "never gonna make it, baby I want you" piano/male vocals
15. Taiko - Echo Drop (Hard Mix) "give me love"
16. Cappella - Move On Baby (Ralf and Proffessor Mix) "you can just move along, move my"
17. Let Loose - Crazy For You (Wild Fruit NRG Mix) "on the cover of a magazine" appregio bass / vocoder vocals
18. Karmasutra - Night Walk (Night Walk Version)
Tape 2
18. Karmasutra - Night Walk (Night Walk Version) (cont)
19. Kamasutra - Night Walk (Black Horses) atmospheric inst with electric guitar
20. Pizzaman - Trippin On Sunshine (Playboys Full Loaded Dub)
21. Route 66 - Revolution "one solution"
22. ITN - Hallucinations (A Sense Of Reality) "this is not a dream"
23. Bump - House Stompin (Ramp Remix) "what is this thing called house"
24. F Machine - Lost In America (Floor Federation Club Mix)
24. F Machine - Lost In America (Floor Federation Club Mix) cont
25. Paragliders - Paraglide (big atmospheric tune with piano)
26. Anna Din - Angel (Dub) [Big Fish Music] "so good, so good"
27. Motiv8 - Rocking For Myself (Well Hung Dub) "ow, does it make you feel good"
28. Fly Baby - Fiesta (Way Out West Mix) mouthorgan
29. Yekuana - A Thousand Waves
30. Sasha & Sam Mollison - Higher Ground
31. Paz & Pooba - Hold Me Tight
32. Floorjam - Stone Age "everybody feelin" funky guitar

comment : 90mins of this set is also released on Dominatrix 'Shine On' box set (with John Kelly & DJ Peer doing the other tapes)

ive also received this mix labelled as - Shine On, July 94 & Sasha @ Bangkok 94 & Sasha Unreleased Mixes & Sasha The Essential Collection & Sasha Club Connection 95

original tape cover original tape original tape  

original tape cover

comment : tape one of this mix is also on the Sasha Classics 4 x tape Boxset, the 4 tapes on that boxset = One Two Three Four

sasha classics 4 x tape boxset  original tape cover



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