Zone @ Venue Vol 9 (1994) - Ollie McLuskey
PCP Vol.2 - Music (Through The Vibe) [Piano City] "music is my life"
Maxim - Let Me Feel The Groove
Max N Frank Minoia - Forgive Forgotten
Dynamic Base - Make Me Wonder
Shalimar - Your Heartbeat
Beat Pressure - On The Dancefloor
Horos - Keep On
Da Blitz - Take My Way (Remix)
Chase - Take My Soul
DJ H feat Stefy - My Body (Remix)
Huirricane - Power To Jump
Dilemma - Sound Of Magic
Valley 68 - Its Gonna Be Love
Sam Paganini presents Romeo Blue - That Music
Omnia Tria - Can't Stop The Movin

Side B
Humanize - Take Me To Your Heart
Synthesis - Your Fantasy
BFI feat Sylvia Carter - Fiction
Dynatec - Get Up (Keep The Fire Burning)
501 feat Ondrea Duverney - Inside
Love 4 Sale - Midnight
Systematic - Love Is The Answer
Ultimate Buzz - Check Da Bass
JT Company - Live My Life (Hard Club)
Soulmasters - We've Got Energy
Diamonds - Do It 4 Love
Mephisto - You Got Me Burnin Up
Zero PH - I Like The Music
Channel X - Take It To The Top
Rimini - Its Got To Be Real
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