Zone @ The Dance Factory Vol 9 - Stu Davies & Andy Pendle + MCs
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown track
Fargetta - This Time (Remix)
Andromeda - Everytime You Go
TH Express - Im On Your Side (Remix)
Lanotte - You Make Me Feel
JT Company - Live My Life
Once Off - Command Your Soul "automatic push button"
Wand & Storm - Do You Wanna Party
Partizan - Drive Me Crazy
Kim Wilde - Heaven
Dream Frequency - Good Times
Love Decade - Is This A Dream

Side B
Horos - Keep On
TFO - Soul & Body
Techno City - Warm Me Up
DJ Tururu - Tururu Track
Wippenberg - Neurodancer "gotta have house" male
JT Company - Live My Life (Hard Club)
Agostini - Dance On The Groove
Loree Williams - I Keep Loving You
Felix - Dont You Want Me
Alter Ego - Dance (If You Cannot) Remix
Colour - Heat Of The Night
? [38:00] "give it up, give a little more body action" female
A.D.A.M feat Amy - Memories And Dreams (Remix)
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