White Sugar @ Bognor Regis Entertainment Centre 19-2-94
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown tracks
Stacey Tough
1. Junior Vasquez - X (Sound Factory Mix) "youve got to believe" male
2. Ru Paul - Extravaganza
3. The Sound Man feat Mercy - The Factory (Junior's Factory Dub)
4. Ralphi Rosario presents Xaviera Gold - You Used To Hold Me '94 "and move on, you used to" female/timpani
5. [12:30] ? samples the bottle
6. [14:30] ? "africa is where it all began, music music" male
7. Lectroluv - Dream Drums (J. Vasquez, All Over Sound Factory Mix) "all over me" female
8. Carroll Park - 2 Be True (Henry Street Mix) "yeah, I was gonna be true" female/strings
9. Morels Grooves Part 4 - Lets Groove [Strictly Rhythm] bassy
10. X-Project - I Just Cant Go (X-Trans-Positive) bassy
11. Saundra Williams - I Need, I Want It (Real Love) (MK' s Real Dub) "ahh give it to me, l.o.v.e." female
12. R.A.W. - Asuca
13. Cappio Bros - Caffiene 4 Daze (Freshly Brewed Dub) [Stickman]
14. Philippe Renault Jr. - Discover (Put Your Hands In Ice) (Philly Ground Mix) female/bassy

14. Philippe Renault Jr. - Discover (Put Your Hands In Ice) (Philly Ground Mix) cont
Dave Seaman
15. Blast feat VDC - Crayzyman (FOS In Progress Mix) [MCA]
16. L.W.S. - Gosp
17. Lex Loofah - Freaky Deaky
18. Janet Jackson - Because Of Love (Frankie David Trick Mix)
19. Bump - House Stompin
20. [29:30] ? work that sucker to death (dropped in)
21. M People - Renaissance (Macsilva Mix)
22. Loni Clark - U (K-Klass Club Mix)

Tape 2 - Dave Seaman
1. Bubbleman - Theme From Bubbleman [Stress] "raise your hand, it aint no big thing" femal
2. M People - Renaissance (John Digweed's Full On Mix)
3. DOP - Satisfy "ooh you keep me satisfied" female
4. Disco Anthem - Scream
5. N.Y. Connection - In Front / Wan' It (Original Mix) "I want it baby"
6. The Groove Corporation feat Romillie - Rain (Mother Mix) [Six6] "feels like real love" male/acidy
7. Level 42 - All Over You (Pharmacy Dub) "im over you" male / horns (schooly d beat in middle)
8. Slo Moshun - Bells Of NY
9. Blondie - Rapture (mix?) "djs spinning I said my my"
10. Way Out West - Montana (Let Yourself Go)
11. Flipped Out - The Fantasy (Maninstream Mix) "love fantasy comes over me" female

11. Flipped Out - The Fantasy (Maninstream Mix) cont
12. Gold Coast - Cherry [Robs Records] horns
13. Brothers In Rhythm Present Charvoni - Forever And A Day (Big Brothers Remix)
14. Sasha & Sam Mollison - Higher Ground
15. The Flavour - No Matter What You Do (Jive) (sugarhill gang samples)
16. Lost Tribe Of The Lost Minds Of The Lost Valley - Gimme A Smile (The Delorme vs Dharma Bums Remix)
17. Loveland - Let The Music Lift You Up
18. D:Ream - U R The Best Thing (Perfecto Mix)
19. Reefa! - Inner Fantasy "you and me, in a fantasy" female


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