DJ Welly - Mind Over Matter, Oct 92 (Grin)
1. Glam - My Mother Said (Mental Hypno Mix) son of a gun ish
2. The Aloof - On A Mission (Fabio Paras Remix) [Cowboy] "take it easy"
3. Herbal Infusion - The Hunter [Zoom] "hella" Leftfield alias
4. Outdance - Reality (4AM Mix) [Calypso] "oh yeah" male/organ riff
5. Mood II Swing presents Wall Of Sound - I Need Your Luv (Right Now) (Balo's Banji Mix)
6. Deep Beats Vol 1 - B1 [Deep Beats] untitled track that samples MK - Burning
7. BFI - Why Not Jazz? (Summer Mix) "you got me burning up" piano/female
8. Dayeene - Who's Gonna Get You Back (piano/female)
9. The Daou - Surrender Yourself (piano/female)
10. Whyte - Promises (Fabi Paras Remix) sounds like Fuzzy Logic - Obsession
11. Plutonic - One Life (5 1/2 Minutes Of Intro) "you got one life, oh brother" organ/female
12. Thompson Twins - Play With Me (Jane) (Dub Wash Mix)
12. Thompson Twins - Play With Me (Jane) (Dub Wash Mix) (cont)
13. Faith Department - Initiation (Full Circle Mix) [Cowboy] familiar
14. Well Hung Parliament - We Can Be "lets continue, make it rock, dont stop"
15. Bad Boy Orchestra - Its Just A 808
16. Boomshanka - Do What You Wanna Do [Cowboy]
17. Dina Carroll - Aint No Man (Brothers In Rhythm Mix)
18. Gat Decor - Passion
19. Corina - Loving You Like Crazy (accapella)
20. Extortion feat Dihan Brooks - How Do You See Me Now (accapella)
21. Sunscreem - Love You More (Boys Dub) "oh yeah"
22. Brothers Love Dubs - The Mighty Ming (Original Club Mix)
23. Mombassa - Cry Freedom
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