DJ Welly - Underworld, June 93 (Grin)
1. Lost Entity - 2 Minute Madness [Nu Groove] CB radio intro "can you do this"
2. Morgan King - I Am Free (La Serena Mix) [Soma]
3. Morgan King - I Am Free (Mix?)
4. Dig The New Breed - Who's No 1 "who decides whos number one" male/acidy breakbeat
5. Masters Of The Monotonal Groove Vol 3 - Givin What Ya Get "dont know what your getting till your given what you get"
6. Dig The New Breed - 4321 "ready for countdown" robotic male (side B of track 4)
7. Masters Of The Monotonal Groove Vol 3 - Let Yourself Go [3Beat] "gotta release yourself" female
8. Fierce Ruling Diva - Great Man Once Said (Love Your Enemies) [Lower East Side]
9. Cordial - Hear Me Say (Things Are Gonna Change) (Dub Mix) [3Beat]
10. Transformer 2 - Fruit Of Love

10. Transformer 2 - Fruit Of Love (cont)
11. C*Y*B - Jaba Noba (acidy/synth/robotic male)
12. Solace - Hold Me Now (Bright Side) [Vivatonal] dreamy inst
13. Strawberry Bazaar - Bingo Specs Boogie (Doo Daa Vocal mix) [Limbo] "zonga right"
14. Reefa - You Cant Stop The Groove (Original Pad, Pen & Anorak Mix) [Stress]
15. Helicopter - Jamama "come on and do it do it, DJ" female/piano (not FPI Project) whistle
16. Arizona feat Zeitia - Slide On The Rhythm (Funky Mix) [Union City Recordings]
17. Orbital - Lush 3.1 [Internal]
18. Fluke - Electric Guitar
19. Lemon Interupt - Minneapolis Airwaves [Junior Boys Own] (distorted intro)
20. Secret Knowledge - Sugar Daddy [Sabres Of Paradise]
21. ambient outro

original tape cover original tape

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