DJ Welly - Ride The Rhythm, March 93 [Grin]
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown track
1. No.Fe.Ri.Ni. - Do It Now [UMM] "do it now, come on" female/organ
2. Alessandro Tognetti - Naked (Try To Tear My Heart) [UMM] "you dont have to"
3. 49ers feat Ann-Marie Smith - Everything (DJ Professor X Club Cut)
4. Eight - I Believe In Emotion (Passionate Dub) [Produce] "i want you passionately, getting higher"
5. [14:20] ? bleep/trance/sax
6. Little Rascal - Intensity (T.K.H. Mix) [Circuit]
7. Talizman - Only You (The Only House Mix)
8. Soul Sacrifice - Sacrifice Dub [Effective] "ooh yeah, sacrifice, come together" female/piano
9. Spooky - Schmoo (Original Version) [Guerilla] "come to me" female
10. Oliver Twisted - Variety Is The Spice Of Life ep (bassline inst)
11. Dr Baker - Kaos

12. Doi-Oing - Bosh! (Unanimous Bosh)
13. Dr Atomic - Schudelfloss (Dental Floss Dub Mix) [Guerilla]
14. Evolution - Love Thing (Compulsion Mix) [Deconstruction]
15. B.M.EX - Feel The Drop (Renaissance Mix)
16. Young American Primitive - Young American Primitive
17. Helicopter - On Ya Way
18. Parra Dice - Can You Hear Me (Red Version)
19. Our Tribe - I Believe In You (Euphorically)

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