DJ Welly - Back 2 Mine (Racing) May 1991
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown track
1. Lost Entity - 2 Minute Madness [Nu Groove] CB radio intro "can you do this" (same intro on Welly - Underworld, June 93)
2. Passion Flower - Urban Bells
3. SK Project - Your Love Is Taking Me Over (Deepappella) "your love has taken me over, see I still want your touch touch touch"
4. Temperance - Purity [Hi-Bias]
5. [12:00] ? inst
6. Max Q - Sometimes (Land of Oz Mix)
7. Deep Vibes - A Brand New Day (Vibes Mix) [Rey-D] "in the mix" flute/funky guitar
8. Temperance - Phantasy [Hi-Bias] "ecstacy"
9. The Melody - Tonight Is Fine (Nice ep) [See Saw] "do it"
10. UPI - Shes A Freak (Original Mix) [Strictly Rhythm]
11. Restless Rockers - Restless (Inst)
12. Mixmasters - In The Mix (Inst)
13. Mass Order - Lift Every Voice (Dubster Mix) "i wanna say" female/mellow
14. D.H. Pinhas - Babaji (Alex Version) "what would we do" DSK vocal sample
15. Atelier - Got To Live Together [Oversky Records] "god looked down wondering why, why cant we see, come on"
16. Sed Together - Break Loose

17. PKA - Powergen (Only Your Love) (Energetic Mix)
18. AOC (Age Of Chance) - Slow Motion Riot (Funky Vibe Mix) "wanna live forever" soft female/piano
19. Within A Dream - Where Is The Feeling?
20. Suma - Eterna [Discomagic]
21. Urban Soul - He's Always (R Rated Mix) [Cooltempo] "always thinking of you" female
22. A Separate Reality - Let No Man Put Asunder (It's Not Over) (Top Stoaters' Mix) female/piano
23. Underkut - Mindless Music (Fusion Mix) [Mendoza] "yeah" female / breakbeat
24. React 2 Rhythm - Whatever You Dream [Guerilla]
25. Groove Masters - Let The Music Motivate (Food For Thought Break) breaks "feel the house, drop the bass" male
26. Derrange - Don't Stop (A) [Soniq] "here we go" male "put your hands together" female
27. Ruff & Ready - Raw Kuts Vol 1 (A1) "hop on the dancefloor dance to the music" female rap sample/break
28. High Givers - Love & Money
29. Debbie Malone - Rescue Me (Crazy About Your Love) (Krazy Mix PtII Instrumental)
30. Sly & Lovechild - Spirit Of Destiny
31. Shades Of Rhythm - Sweet Sensation
31. Blind Truth - Why Cant We See (Acappella)

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