DJ Welly - The Orient Express, Dec 92 [Grin]
rain/thunder intro
1. Subliminal Aurra - Ease The Pressure (Ambient Mix)
2. Frank De Wulf - The End [Mikki House] with Chantal - The Realm (acappella)
3. Sublime - Sublime (Breakdown) [Limbo]
4. Frank De Wulf - Wishflower [Mikki House]
5. Celine Dion - Love Can Move Mountains (Wake & Jones Dub)
6. The Fine Vibe - I Gotta Dance This Song (Shadow Mix) "i got to dance to this song, oh yeah baby" female/piano
7. LaTour - Blue (Hermes Trance Mix)
8. Stereo MC's - Step It Up (Stereo Field Instrumental Dub)
9. Rainforest - Final Frontiers (Club Mix) [Rain Forest] "ho yeah" female/piano
10. The Oval Five Project - Vertigo (Spooky Stir Fry Dub)
11. Soundsource - One High

12. Leftfield - Release The Pressure (mix?) "lift off"
13. Cicero - Live For Today (Club Mix) flute/piano/whailing female
14. Erasure - Take A Chance On Me (Take A Trance On Me Mix)
15. Floor Control - Evangelista [Natural Records] guitar "you keep me coming" female "im a floor controller" male
16. Mojo Risin - Dances With Fire (Chief Mojo's Club Mix) [Skunk] familiar synth/stuttery female
17. The S.O.U.L. S.Y.S.T.E.M - Its Gonna Be A Lovely Day
18. Moby - Next Is The E (Synthe Mix)
19. Leftfield - Song Of Life (Extended Mix)

original tape cover

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