DJ Welly - Dreaming, Feb 93 (Grin)
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1. [00:00] ??? "so good inside, its how you make me feel" repeated male
2. Sunset Village Inc - So Real "ooh do it right, feel so real"
3. The Reese Project - So Deep (Bump Dub) [Network]
4. Monumental - Geera (Happy Larry's Cooey Club Vibe) [Deep Distraxion] "i talk to god, and god talks to me, ooh hoo"
5. Rage - Why Dont You (The PG Tips Mix) [Pulse 8] "pain" male
6. The Fair Sex - Eat Me (Spooky's Dark Dub) [Roughmix]
7. B.M.EX - Feel The Drop (Renaissance Mix)
8. Heaven 17 - (We Dont Need This) Facist Groove Thang (Rapino Instrumental) inst with sax
9. Paul McCartney - Deliverance (Steve Anderson Remix)
10. Fishbone Beat - Always
11. Oval Five Project - Vertigo (Doi-ing Vs Spooky Thumper Mix)
12. Dr Atomic - Schudelfloss (Dentafloss Dub Mix) [Guerilla] "i can feel it"

12. Dr Atomic - Schudelfloss (Dentafloss Dub Mix) [Guerilla] "i can feel it" (cont)
13. MAW & Company feat Xaviera Gold - Gonna Get Back To You "are you good enough to be my only man" female
14. Inner City - Till We Meet Again (Mighty Ming Dub)
15. Capricorn - Taste (Deep Bliss Mix)
16. Sublime - Sublime (Dub) [Limbo]
17. Havana - Ethnic Prayer (Euro Mix) [Limbo]
18. Mukkaa - Buruchacca (Atmospheric Mix) [Limbo]
19. Crunch - 50 Cents (5 Dimes Mix) [Six Foot Six] "how do you pass your day" female
20. K&M - Funk & Drive [Arctic]
21. LaTour - Blue (Harmes Trance Mix)
22. Disco Evangelists - De Niro (The Journey Mix) [Positiva]
23. Lemon Interupt - Minniapolis Airwaves (distorted intro) [Junior Boys Own]
24. Danni'elle Gaha - Do It For Love (Dub) "they gotta, i gotta, they gotta do it for love" female/organ

comment : also received this mix labelled DJ Welly @ Wigan Pier, Feb 93

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