Wear FM (Sunderland) May 91 - Blackout (51min)
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown tracks
1. Full Moon - Got Me Burnin' Up (Got Me Instrumental) "oh, got me burning up, so good" female
2. Cubic 22 - Night In Motion [XL]
3. Lucky Strike feat Champagne - Body To Body (Dub) [Raw] "get on and move" female rap
4. Those Guys (The Basement Boys) - Tonite "tonight, i want to make love to him tonight" female (familiar)
5. Da Posse - Searching Hard "all this searching" male
6. Ubiquity - Back To Me (Remix Club Vocal) [Big Beat] "alright, it all comes back to me" female/plinky piano/funky
7. Blue Tattoo - Love Can Do "ooh, i dont know why i just do" female/euro
8. Brothers In Rhythm - Such A Good Feeling (Owls In The Outback)
9. [22:00] ??? "london pump that body" male/bleepy
10. Dr. Phibes And Teddy Jones - Waresnare (familiar) acidy inst
11. [27:40] ??? "come on, 1234" male/siren
12. Multiform - People Of All Nations female/has landlord piano
13. CJ Bolland - Ravesignal III - Mindwar [R&S]
14. Digital Excitation - Dream Party bleepy "come on" male
15. Pandemic - Do It To Me Now [Hardcore Noise Records]
16. Marina Van Rooy - Let You Go (Sasha's Positive Mix)
17. [43:00] ??? "come with me if you want to live" male / heavy
18. Eon - Fear : The Mindkiller "here is the mind control" male
19. The Shamen - Progen (Move Any Mountain) (Remix)


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