Zammo, Gareth Sommerville, Paul Wain @ Rhumba, 1st May 92
Citrus Club @ Edinburgh (2 x Tape)

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Zammo & Gareth Somerville (Tape 1)
1. Pascals Bongo Massive - Gettin Started "dont get me started" female/salsoul nugget
2. Megatonk - Belgium (Nintendotone Mix)
3. Leveller - Free Town [Hamster] chanting male/flute
4. Jus Friends - As One (Original Dub) mellow inst with flute
5. Meli'sa Morgan - Still In Love With You (Dub)
6. Flow - Another Time [Bottom Line] chanting male/flute
7. Mr Fingers - On My Way (Straight Up Mix)
8. DJ Pierre - Love Trax (Distorted Luv - Wild Pitch Side) [Strictly Rhythm]
9. DJ Ivan - All Night [UMM] "the lover who rock you all night" repeated female/piano/organ
10. Sure Is Pure - Is This Love Really Real (Yousah Vocal) "go go go"
11. Galliano - Skunk Funk (Weatherall Cabin Fever Mix) [Talkin Loud]
12. [39:50] ? dreamy inst
13. Sandals - A Profound Gas (Ardens Bud Phase 1) flute
14. Roman - Free The Feeling Part II "come on bring the night, feel it"
15. Innocence - I'll Be There (Masters At Work House Dub) "hey, if you want it" female (briefly)

16. Tribal Spirit - Rave Off (The Love Mix) [D:vision Records] "dj spins and cuts them in" female/piano/sinnamon vocals
17. M1 - Dynomite [Emotive Records] "shoop" male scat/sax
18. Bee Buzz - Baba Mhmmm "ba ba ba" male
19. DOP - Groovy Beat (Jelly Mix) [Guerilla]
20. Smells Like Heaven - Londres Strutt [Cowboy] "bassline kickin yes im groovin"
21. Ralphi Rosario - An Instrumental Need
22. Joey Negro - Do It, Believe It
23. Mass Order - Lets Get Happy [Columbia]
24. CLS - Can You Feel It
25. Groove Sector - The Love I Lost (mix?) [Hi-Bias]
26. Blackwood - I Feel You (NY Mix)
27. Techno Grooves Mach 6 - Let It Go [Stealth] "no no no no" female "let it go" male
28. If? - Saturdays Angels (Most Excellent Vocal Remix) [MCA]
29. Soundclash Republic - Sounds Rum (Cool Lemon ep)

Paul Wain (Tape 2)
1. Level R - Created Equal "ow woo" female
2. X.M.J. - Go "1 2 3 4, this is how music should sound" male / sax
3. Deep Beats Vol.1 - Siren
4. Lemon Interupt - Big Mouth (mouth organ track)
5. T.D.C. - Keep Groovin (Get Funky Dub) "keep moving" male
6. Zone Ranger - 2 B Reel "lets get it right, I want it to b reel" (freeze IOU vocals)
7. Lionrock - Lionrock (Roots And Culture)
8. Testosterone - Naked Twister "drive you f**kin crazy" male/funky guitar
9. Westwon - Control (D-Code) "let the beat control your body"
10. Quazar - Last Train to Paradise "rhythm of the night, freedom for the people" female

1. My Friend Sam feat Viola Wills - Its My Pleasure
2. Power Race - Its Power "its power" male rap
3. M.A.S.I. - Apache "we are the base its time to get down"
4. White Trash - August 67 [TRASH 01] "the man next to you is your brother, weve got it right there" male/piano
5. Jam & Spoon - Stella (Moby Remix) "breakdown"
6. Future Sound Of London - Papua New Guinea (Andy Weatherall Mix) "pom pom kitty" male
7. The 25th Of May - Go Wild! (Psycho Alpha Disco Levy Mix) "everybody go wild" female whailing/male rap/scratching
8. Spacemaster - I Need You (Underground Mix)
9. Eruption - I Cant Stand The Rain (disco)
10. Bassomatic - Attack Of The 50 Foot Drum Machine (Vaporub Mix)
11. Degrees Of Motion - Do You Want it Right Now (Remix)
12. Acorn Arts - Silence (X Gate Records Promo)
13. DOP - Groovy Beat

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