Vertigo & Ian Ossia @ Ark, Leeds Uni 23-4-94
* Vertigo *
1. Sultana - Te Amo (Digweed Dub) progressive inst "boom cha"
2. Rachid Taha - Indie (The Game Is Afoot) indian flute
3. Peter Perfect Meets Justin Robertson - Anthill [Finiflex]
4. Riviera Splash - Breakline (Club Dub) [Stress]
5. Sound Factory - Good Time (Pure)
6. The Foot Club - Driftwood (The Big Magic Tom Tom Mix) "get down, in my house" male scat
7. Mr. Roy - Something About U (Mr. Roy's Red Label Mix) "ooh yeah" female/piano
8. Doobie Brothers - Listen To The Music (Man City Dub) "wooh"
9. Brothers In Rhythm - Forever & A Day (Original Club Mix)
10. Greg Fenton presents Silver City - Love Infinity (Gregs Full On Disco Mix)
* Ian Ossia *
1. Anthony White - Love Me Tonight (Fathers Of Sound Extended Club Mix)
2. Sandee - Notice Me (Maxx Suite Version) "why dont you love me like i love you" female
3. Junior Vasquez - Get You Hands Off My Man (Sound Factory Mix) "work it out" male/piano
4. The Head Nodding Society - Deeper [Tumblin] male / samples from the wildchild
5. Our Tribe feat Franke Pharoah - Love Come Home (mix?) "when will love come home" female
6. N.Y. Connection - In Front, Wan' It? (High Resolution) "baby" "im gonna" repeated female vocal
7. K-Klass - What You're Missing (Pharmacy Dub) "reach out, hold on I love someone" male
8. TC 1994 - Psychedelic Colours (Batuca Colours)
9. Power Circle - Its So Good (Boys Mix) acidy / female "i see it"
10. Anon - Jam The Box [Nucleus] "listen, throw your hands in the air, wave them in the atmosphere" male/percussive


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