Vertigo & Rob Tissera @ Ark, Leeds Uni, 16-10-93
* Vertigo *
1. Bandito - La Morita (jazzy latino tune)
2. Hall Of Jambo - Work Your Body
3. The Flavour - No Matter What U Do (Im Gonna Get With U)
4. Seven Grand Housing Authority - The Question (K-Klass Nightshift Mix)
5. De-Facto - Everybody (Are You Feeling Good?) "its just a feeling, everybody are you feeling good" female
6. D-Chiching - Show Me Your Light "burning in your heart, let it shine on me, show me your love" female
7. Rio Rhythm Band - Ti Amo Semprini (Up & Down Mix)
8. Dreamhouse - Freeflow
9. New Atlantic - Sunshine (fatboys vocal sample) "brr stick em"
10. Bandito - G.D.T
11. Parra Dice - Can You Hear Me
12. The Project feat Linda Rice - Out Of Control
* Rob Tiserra *
1. Sourmash - Pilgrimage To Paradise (stuttery female vocals)
2. Flipped Out - Everybody Is Somebody (Just Belive Mix) helicopter
3. Bass Bumpers - The Musics Got Me (pete tongs jingle)
4. Megadrive - I Got Da Vibe!
5. D-Tek - Drop The Rock
6. Circle City - Moments Of Inertia
7. Dream Frequency - Kushinada (Dream Frequency & Rob Tissera Remix) samples vocal from Helyom Halib
8. F.I.T.Z - The Reign Forest (spoken male intro) "music is the basis of all life"
9. Moby - Move (You Make Me Feel So Good) [Mute]
10. Shades Of Rhythm - Sweet Sensation

comment: tracks in yellow are missing from my copy

original tape cover  original tape cover

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