DJ Vertigo & Welly @ Ark, 2nd Birthday,
Leeds Town & Country Club, 19th June 93
* Welly *
1. Spooky - Little Bullet (High Velocity Mix) [Guerilla]
2. Decktition - Touch [Trade]
3. Zero B - Lock Up (Remix)
4. Peter Perfect Meets Justin Robertson - Pitstop (The Prankster Mixes)
5. Direckt - Two Fatt Guitars (Babetastic Mix) "do it man"
6. Direct II Disc - Excuse Me "it wasnt me"
7. Stereogen - Hi-Q [Vinyl Addiction]
8. Visions Of Shiva - How Much Can You Take "shiva"
9. Hobo - Freedom [23rd Precinct] "let your body be free" female / electric guitar
10. Fruit Machine - Kiss Of Life ep (piano/male scat)
11. Cool Jack - Try The Feeling "try it" (Briefly)
* Vertigo *
1. Diesel And Ether - I Cant Sleep "i cant sleep at night, its because of you" female
2. Strawberry Bazaar - Bingo Specs Boogie (Limbo) "zonga right"
3. Arkanoid - Get A Super! (Electric Choc Remix) "im in love with you" female / Jaydee organ / piano
4. Subterranea feat. Ann Consuelo - Do It For Love "we got to move this beat going on"
5. M People - One Night In Heaven (Hi-Gloss Mix)
6. Green Card - Hold Back (mix?) "hold back, got the feeling" female
7. Xen Mantra - Goowan (Midas ep) "clap your hands" male
8. Juice - Do It Right "cos I can do it right, yes i can" piano
Helicopter Sound
9. Jimi Polo - Better Days (Sasha DMC Remix)
10. Akilah - I Wanna Have Everything "you know i need you"
11. Baby June - I Will Be Free "its alright its alright, cos you will be free to love"
12. Static Experience - Viva! [Hardware] soft spoken female/piano
13. Mars Plastic - Find A Way
14. Z100 - Testa Dont Stop
15. Crunch - Devo (foreign male) familiar

comment: also seen this mix labelled - Vertigo & Welly @ Life, Bowlers Manchester II Piccolo Principle 12-6-93

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