DJ Vertigo @ U-Topia, Queens Hall Bradford, 10th July 93 + MC
MC Dee, MC Gemini, MC Dobber
e-mail me if you can identify any of the tracks
1. Remake - Fly Bird (Fly Version) [Top Secret Records] inst with echo piano
2. [01:00] ??? acidy inst with rising sounds
3. Shock To The System - Shock To The System (Rock To The System) electric guitar
4. Rejuvination - Requiem (not outrage)
5. Stereogen - Hi-Q "i need freedom, attack the dancefloor like"
6. Strawberry Bazaar - Bingo Specs Boogie [Limbo] "zonga right"
7. Heavenly - 2 Dam Funky (Mix 2) inst with 80s synth at break
8. [22:30] "I go to work" funky guitar / deep male voice / funky guitar
9. BBR Streetgang - Loyal To You [Hubba Hubba] with s-express scream/funky guitar
10. Beautiful People - Rilly Groovy (A Well Hung Parliament Mix) "you hear the sound" jimi hendrix samples
11. Sonic Repo - Set U Free (Club Edit) "yeah, set you free" female scat / piano / electric guitar
12. Eric Perez Project - Release "release me yeah, i need release" female
13. Akilah - I Wanna Have Everything "you know i need you"
14. High Society - Untitled [Spare Beat Records] "bow chick ahh" (piano)
15. Static Experience - Viva! [Hardware] (soft spoken female / piano)
16. Direckt - Two Fatt Guitars (Skankin Mix) "gimme another tune & ill rock to the beat"

16. Direckt - Two Fatt Guitars (Skankin Mix) (cont)
17. Mother - All Funked Up "gonna get high"
18. Sensation - Beautiful Morning (Fluke Remix) [One Little Indian] "how do you feel, its a beautiful morning"
19. Wall Of Sound - Critical (If You Only Knew) "its critical, dont you know im falling for you" male
20. Juliet Roberts - Caught In The Middle
21. [17:00] ??? "you turn me on, your passion takes me higher & higher" female/piano
22. La Rue - Cathedral Song (whailing female/piano)
23. Son Of God - Harmania "get down to the funky beat" female/acidy/hammond
24. Brothers Love Dubs - Mings Incredible Disco Machine (Bigger & Badder Ming Mix) [Stress]
25. Urban Cookie Collective - The Key: The Secret
26. Monschau - Cathedral Mountain [Global Beat] chanting/stuttery vocals

original tape cover

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