DJ Vertigo - Up Up Away & Gone, Jan 94 (Grin)
1. The House Of Zekkariyas - Secret Star (Sashas Mix)
2. BT - Embrasing the Sunshine (Deeper Sunshine)
3. Rachid Taha - Voila Voila (Pranksters Guitar Thud) "one love one love"
4. Spank Spank - Freak It (Special Mix) "this is something special for you, freak it" male
5. Disco Anthem - Scream (Original Mix) "ow ow" funky guitar
6. Ramp - Rock The Discotek (Ramp Original) [Loaded]
7. Direct 2 Disc - Night (Back Stab ep) [Cleveland City] "okay, keep going, keep backin it up"
8. Sunflower Beach - Piano Talk [Funkey Monkey] inst piano
9. Sound Environment - Feel So High [Higher State] female / funky guitar
10. Natural Progression - Love Music Themes ep "we need love music to turn the people on, we want love" female vocal
11. Scope - So Deep (Harmonium Mix) female/mouthorgan
12. Popcorn - Souljers Story (Chinese Checkers) (Frank De Wulf) sounds like gabriel
13. User 102 - Cant Hold It (Helicopter Remix) "music, ow wow wow"
14. Deep Forest - Sweet Lullaby (Around the World mix) yeke yeke style vocals
15. Knowone - Never (Boomshanka Remix) [Cancan] "do do" male / piano
16. B-Line - Tri-Ply [Cast] "and boy its giving me the blues" female / piano
17. Global Groove - Body Baby (Sid's Deep Mix) [Champion] "ohh ohh ow" male / guitar
18. Outrage - Theme From Outrage (That Piano Mix)
19. Horse - Celebrate (Fluke's Magimix) stuttery whailing female
20. Quest - Now Will You Believe "I will make you believe" whisper
21. Mindwarp - One (SSL Full mix) [Stress] distorted dire straits guitar
22. Airscape - Cruising (Midnight Groove Mix) inst with echo piano

Grin tape cover 

comment : this mix is going around under a few different names - Sasha @ Love Of Life 1993, Sasha Love Of Life 1994, sasha studio set, Sasha Triangle Productions & Sasha - British Classics Volume Two, Sasha Son Of God studio set, Mar 94

bootleg tape cover

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