DJ Vertigo - Sonic, March 1992
The Chameleons - Silence, Sea And Sky [1985]  ambient string Intro
1. Part-E - Give Me Your Love
2. M.A.N.I.C - Im Comin Hardcore
3. Lunarci - Sbassed (Live Version) "hey you get out of my head" male/piano
4. Pulse 909 - Elevation [3 Beat] "woow" rave
5. DJs Unite - DJs Unite
6. Konspiracy - Its Alright [Ruff Quality Recordings] "rock the house" male
7. DJs Unite - DJs Unite
8. MC Kinky - Inna We Kingdom (Liz Taylor On One Mix) (More Protien) "this is not a dream this is a reality" (piano breakbeat)
9. Spectral - Touch Somebody "all night long"
10. 2 Bad Mice - Hold It Down "feel the energy rush up to your face"
11. Acen - Close Your Eyes
12. E-Lustrious - Dance No More (Andy Stevenson Remix)
13. The House Crew - We Are Hardcore [Production House]
14. 2 Bad Mice - Bombscare
15. Digitalis - Accepting (Club Mix)
16. Jinny - Never Give Up (accapella)
17. Oxy - The Feeling "on & on" female "here it is" male (piano)

17. Oxy - The Feeling "on & on" female "here it is" male (piano) cont
18. Terrorize - Its Just A feeling [Hamster]
19. Matto Grosso - Feel The Beat "party time in the place to be" female
20. G-Force - Overdrive I Cant Stand It (No More) (Inst) (Ignition Musik) "I need XTC" Newcastle group
21. Prophetia - Rave is Your Party
22. Speshal K - Sing Hallelujah (Barking Mix) "this is fresh"
23. Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era - Far Out (Remix)
24. Dream Frequency - Rock U "you know I want you boy" kariya vocals / piano
25. Bam Bam Musique - Milk Of Magnesia (Knuckles Tribute Mix)
26. Dream Frequency - Live The Dream "come on and dance now"
27. Elevation - Can You Feel It "deep in your soul"
28. Dream Frequency - The End "dont hold me back" piano
29. Vienna - Kulito
30. Archaos - Pulling Myself To Pieces "the feeling takes you there, everybody come alive"

comment : if you have a good quality copy of this mix please get in touch for a trade, as my copy of this mix is well distorted
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