DJ Vertigo & Rob Tissera @ Ark,
Lancashire Uni, Preston, 27th Nov 93
* Vertigo *
1. Sweet Mercy feat Rowetta - Reach Out (Accapella)
2. The Overlords - Wow! Mr Yogi (Control the Mind) "control your mind" male
3. Apollo 440 - Astral America (Spirit Of America Remix) inst with horns
4. Back II Front - Viewfinder (Subrosa Club Vibe) "love me" female
5. Seventh Heaven - In The Mountains (Masters Of The Monotonal Groove Mix) [3 Beat] "touch me tease me, squeeze me, I want you, I want to get loose" female
6. First Life - Love Bomb (Forever Om Mix) "ease yourself back into conciousness" female
7. Mindwarp - One [Stress] big tune
8. Nasa - Secret "can you keep it now, if I told you how, secret, secret" male/funky guitar
9. Direct 2 Disc - Night (Back Stab ep) [Cleveland City] "okay, keep going, keep backin it up"
10. Sunflower Beach - Piano Talk [Funkey Monkey] inst piano
11. The Flavour - No Matter What U Do (Im Gonna Get With U)
12. Bottom $ - Rock Your Body (Club Mix) [Olympic]
13. 7 Grand Housing Authority - The Question (K-Klass Nightshift Mix)
14. Parradice - Can You Hear Me (sounds like kariya)
* Rob Tissera *
1. The Orb - Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain ....
2. Children Of A New Generation - Real Fun "move that body side to side, throw your hands up to the sky" male
3. The Megadrive ep - I Got Da Vibe
4. D>Lux - Got To Have (Project 1 ep) [Urban Hero] "bum ba ding a ding, can you feel the beat, gotta have house music"
5. De Lite - Wild Times (Mayday Mix)
6. DJ EFX - Is It Like My Dil-Doe? [Strictly Rhythm]
7. New Atlantic - Rude (Drop The Merchandise) "the sound of now" male / horns
8. Dynamic Noise feat Adrella - Everybody Jammin' (Sax Noise Mix) "give up the funk, i wanna funk, i wanna hip hip hip" male/sax.samples MARRS
9. Luvdup - Goodtime (Luvdup Mix) [UFG] "we gonna have a good time"
10. Digital Domain - Rabbit City #003 "I need release" female (samples C&C)
11. Jambo! - Drumattack (Original Mix) percussive
12. Cappella - U Got 2 Let The Music (Pagany Tribalism Mix)
13. FKW - Never Gonna (Give You Up) (Drum Mix) Goodmen beat
14. The Source - Sanctuary Of Love (Red Jerry's Revamp) [Pulse-8]

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