DJ Vertigo + MC @ The Plaza Huddersfield, Wed 14th April 93
Pure Indulgence Night
1. D'Cruze - World Within A World (The Criminal Minds Mix) "briefly" (breakbeat track before Vertigo)
"are you ready to experience the sound of Vertigo"
2. Lemon Interupt - Minneapolis Airwaves (muffled intro)
3. Peter Perfect Meets Justin Robertson - Pitstop (The Prankster Mixes)
4. Miro - Pure Silk [Effective] big tune/piano
5. Kaos - Definition Of Love (93 Remix) (Faith Mix)
6. House Of Virginism - Ill Be There For You (Inst)
7. Hi Liner - Loving You "loving you was my mistake" female
8. Parradice - Can You Hear Me (sounds like kariya)
9. Shawn Christopher - Another Sleepless Night (Redzone Mix)
10. Techno Age - Movin On
11. Acorn Arts - Speed Controller [X-Gate] "baaah" male
12. Van Basten - Lizard King (Amsterjam Mix) "cheem de la casa" male
13. Liberation 2 - Liberation 2
14. Saffron - Fluffy Toy "ill make you rock, fall in love" soft spoken female

14. Saffron - Fluffy Toy (cont)
15. Solo - So Beautiful
16. DIY - HotHead [Warp]
17. Void - No Stoppin "oww" piano
18. THK - France (Saturn Mix) [Warp]
19. Rhythm Eclipse - Feel It In The Air [Pigeon Pie]
20. Last Rhythm - Back To Life (Sleep Walking ep)
21. Little Rascal - Movin To The Beat [Circuit] female/piano
22. Rapination feat Kym Mazelle - Love Me The Right Way (The Real Rapino 12")
23. Juice - Do It Right (Funkin For Italia Mix) "cos i can do it right"
24. E-Lustrious - Givin You No Rest "hey yaaa, we must all start, there no time to lose, hey buddy bud" male
25. High Society - Untitled [Spare Beat Records] "bow chick ahh" (piano)
26. My Friend Sam feat. Viola Wills - Its My Pleasure (Mix?)
27. Inner City - Good Life (Unity Remix)


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