DJ Vertigo - Mi Vida Loca, Oct/Nov 94 (Grin)
e-mail me if you can identify any of the unknown tracks
1. Forthright - How Sweet The Sound [Cowboy] "the now sound" male/funky guitar
2. Strike - Formula 1 [Fresh] "yeah yeah yeah yeah, turn the music up, lift you to a brand new height" piano (samples party claps)
3. Voodoo Blue - All I Do (B's Vocal Mix) [Cowboy]
4. Pete & Russell - Givin It [Progress Records] "givin it all i got" female / piano
5. Duke - A New Beginning (Ramp Beginners Mix) "together, never gonna make it" male
6. Twangling - Twangling (3 Fingers In A Box) [Pukka] "come selector" male
7. Reefa! - Get It Together [Stress] "lets get it, get it together" female/piano loop
8. [36:00] ??? female/funky guitar like shaft
9. Chubby Chunks - Testament One (Movin' Melodies Remix) "universal sound"
10. [43:00] ??? "freaky" female
11. Sagat - Luvstuff (Ghetto House Dub)
12. Cabana - Bailando Con Lobos (Deep Recess Mix) goodmen beat / female (familiar) "kereto"
13. The Boss - Congo (goodmen beat/piano/hammond)
14. Sasha & Sam Mollison - Higher Ground (Brothers In Rhythm Mix)
15. First Life - Be One Of Us
16. Subliminal Cuts - Le Voie Le Soleil

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