DJ Vertigo - Lost, October 1992
1. C&C Music Factory - Keep It Comin' (Dance Till You Cant Dance No More!) (The Cole & Clivilles House Anthem) "music is my life"
2. Black Shark - Give It Up
3. The Aloof - On A Mission (Fabi Paras mix) [Cowboy]
4. Mombassa - Cry Freedom
5. 11th Hour - Vista / The Awakening (World Domination Mix) [Mondo Records] bongos/chanting
6. Herbal Infusion - The Hunter [Zoom Records] "hella"
7. We Kill Love - Ten Men Dead [Junk Rock Records] (Fabi Paras)
8. High On Love - Hypnotize [Profile] "let the music hypontize" piano
9. Datura - Yerba Del Diablo [Trance Records] big tune
10. Havana - Shift / High & Dry
11. Soundclash Republic - Raunchy After Dark (The Follow Up ep)
12. Elements Of Trance - A Taste Of Your Own Medicine [C-Level Productions]

13. Dance 2 Trance - Hello San Francisco (jam & spoon) echo piano riff
14. Krush - Walking On Sunshine (Trance Mix) [Network]
15. Dr Mouthquake - Love on Love (Sasha Dub)
16. Euphoria - Love You Right [Mushroom Records] female vocal, piano
17. THK - France (Saturn Mix) [Warp]
18. Dreamscape - I Am The Creator "and this is my house"
19. Inner City - Praise (Original)
20. Inner City - Praise (Future Sound Of London Mix)
21. Together - The Click (The Luv Bug ep) "come with me" sax, piano (scratching)
22. Espiral - Dunne
original tape cover 

Comment : this tape also going around as - DJ Sasha 12 studio mix 1992

Vertigos mixes were re-labelled & sold down south as Sasha mixes, Vertigo - Lost was sold as Sasha 12 studio mix, this is where the confusion about these mixes comes from.

also seen this mix labelled Sasha 4 - KUF Promotions & Sasha_Live_London_Dec_93_Rare_Set

bootleg tape cover  bootleg tape cover

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