DJ Vertigo - Loose Moose, Dec 93
1. Bottom $ - Rock Your Body (Club Mix) [Olympic]
2. Doobie Brothers - Long Train Running (Sure Is Pure Remix)
3. Lost Tribe - Gimme A Smile [Stress]
4. The Essence - Diddley Dum [Sweat] "diddly don, get down" male / female scat
5. New Atlantic - Rude (Drop The Merchandise) "the sound of now" male / horns / funky guitar
6. Xean Mantra ep - Hollow Vibe (Doo-Win-It-Mix) male scat / piano / horn stabs
7. Deep 2 - Sphere II (Live Dub) [Phoenix] cut up vocals/sax
8. Nasa - Secret "can you keep it down"
9. Judy Cheeks - So In Love (The Real Deal) (Sasha Qat Mix)
10. Greg Fenton presents Silver City - Love Infinity (Gregs Full On Disco Mix)
11. Basscult - Un Altro Mondo (Mondo Bassmix) "romeltro" deep male voice
12. Atlantic Ocean - Mimosa (Original Mix) disco cut up
13. Disco Revisited - Take It Higher (T.P.s 1978 UK Remix) [Serious Grooves] "I can take it higher" female
14. Simply Soul & Donnie Mark - Stand Up For The Soul [Simply Soul] "happiness, cant you feel it" female/piano
15. Nu Civilization - When Will We Be Free [Vinyl Solution] "I need you now" male / piano
16. Lynn Lockamie - Love So Strong (Caffeine Mix) [One Records]
17. Northwick Circle - Love High [Centrestage] "cant free my mind" male / piano
18. Chill FM - Wave Your Hands In The Air
19. Seventh Heaven - In The Mountains (Masters Of The Monotonal Groove Mix) "touch me tease me, squeeze me, I want to get loose" female
20. First Life - Love Bomb (Forever Om Mix) "ease yourself back into conciousness" female
21. LuvDup - Goodtime (LuvDup Mix) [UFG] scat/sax

comment : get in touch for a trade if you have the full 90min version of this mix, my copy is only 80mins.
original tape cover

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