DJ Vertigo - Just Dance, Nov 91 [Grin]
1. Visionmasters feat Kylie - Keep On Pumpin It Up
2. 49ers - Move Your Feet
3. 2 Brothers On The 4th Floor - Turn Da Music Up (piano/female) has male rap "turn the music up"
4. D.O.P. - Get Out On This Dancefloor [Guerilla]
5. Katherine E - Then I Feel Good
6. E-Tek - Work That Body (has bassline from- Renegade Soundwave - Thunder) "keep your body working"
7. Love Decade - So Real
8. Claudia Chin - Passion (Frank De Wulf)
9. KCB - You Got Me Burnin Up
10. Pavesi Sound - Sanctuary Of Love "come on everybody lets get down, hiphop"
11. Open Billet - Could Be Rock "you could be rocking a stage" piano/female
12. Ted Robinson - Party Children (Instrumental) sax
13. Shades of Rhythm - Extacy
14. White Piano feat Alexandra - Hey Toi, Aime Moi [London Street Records]
15. Popeye The Sailor Man Theme
1. Soundsource - Take Me Up
2. With It Guys feat Shirley Lewis - Feel Alright (briefly)
3. Egma - Let The Bass Kick "ooh, total confusion"
4. Gems For Jem - Everybody Groove Me [Debut] "everybody shake your body" piano
5. Neon Light feat Fonda Rae - Keep On Dancing "low down dancing" female/piano
6. Blow - Cutter (Mix)
7. Lee Marrow - Da Da Da
8. Hookline & Singer - Nightime (Anthem Mix) "night time is my time & night time is the right time" female / piano
9. World Series Of Life - 52 Slide Road (Tulio De Vito Mix) "hot hot give it all you got" female
10. Monica De Luxe - Move To The Music (samples back by dope demand)
11. The Rapino Brothers - Reach To The Top
12. DJ Roy Silver - Were On The Move (Emotion ep) "come on now"
13. Le Dormeur - Pleasure Game (Remix)
14. DJ Roy Silver - Emotion
15. Wood Allen - Court Imperial "beat this, gemini o imperial"
16. Vienna - Tell Me (Normal Mix) "tell me" female
17. Convert - Nightbird
18. G-Love feat Jayne Casey - You Keep The Love "you & me can break this beat, love love love love" female/piano

comment: also seen this labelled DJ Vertigo @ Club Heaven, Liverpool, Nov 91
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