DJ Vertigo - La Morita, Sept 93 (Grin)
1. Advanced Vector Synthesis - Inertia [Sound Entity House Division] has bassline from sueno latino
2. Finger Light - Heaven (Bass Mix) (Mammagamma ep) "yes I am"
3. Akira - Bamboo Valley [DFC]
4. Mukkaa - Neebro (Floor Federation Remix) [Limbo] funky guitar
5. Pagany - Du-Un Dada (Dance Authority ep Vol.1) [Sweat] "doom doom doom doom da da" male scat
6. Jubaba - Ritmo De Bom Bom [Extreme Records] "hu, doom bum bum" male scat/trumpets
7. Pagany - Im Coming (Dance Authority ep Vol. 1) [Sweat] "im coming" female
8. Chicco Secci introducing Beatriz - Dont Take Away The Music (Miami Version) "music, music" repeated female/organ/piano
9. Van Basten - Lizard King (Heroin Mix) [Brute] echo piano riff
10. Remake - Fly Bird (Fly Version) [Top Secret Records] inst with echo piano
11. L-Dopa - BishBoom [Joint Effort] inst with synth stabs (briefly)

11. L-Dopa - BishBoom [Joint Effort] inst with synth stabs (cont)
12. The Popular Peoples Front Of Judea - Excellent [Immigration] sample from 'Bill & Ted'
13. Vista - Look To The Future [Synthetique] male
14. Vernon - Vernon's Wonderland [Eye-Q] trance
15. The Reese Project - Miracle Of Life (Big Bump Remix) female vocal
16. Slam - Intensities In Ten Cities [Soma] sparce piano/horsepower style beat
17. Moby - Move (You Make Me Feel So Good) [Mute]
18. Direct 2 Disc - Dont Stop [Cleveland City] "dont stop, dont dont stop" male
19. The Popular Peoples Front Of Judea - (Come On Baby) Let It Burn [Immigration] "everybody come on" funky guitar
 original tape

comment : this mix is going around under a few different names -- aka Sasha "Sonic" studio set & Sasha "candytime" & Sasha "too wet dreams" "two wet dreams"& Sasha 7 & Sasha @ Renaissance 31st Dec93 & Nov 93 & Sasha @ Hacienda Nov 93, Sasha - London Soundz, Nov 93

Sasha Mixtape Cover  Sasha Sonic/Candy Time Mixtape Cover  bootleg tape cover

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