DJ Vertigo - Home, March / April 94 (Grin)
e-mail me if you can identify any of the unknown tracks
1. Klatsch! - God Save The Queer [Fresh Fruit] loud disco style bassline/piano inst
2. Rockmelons - Love's Gonna Bring You Home (NY Dub) "so good so good" (sounds like brainbug)
3. Bone - So In Love (Remix) [Deconstruction] "im in love" (robin s style organ bassline)
4. The Dust Brothers - Her Jazz (Fourteenth Century Sky ep)
5. Mindwarp - Too (Axis Hard Freestyle Mix) distorted dire straits style guitar riff
6. Sonic Repo- River (Dub Mix) "going too high" male / funky guitar
7. Joe Roberts - Lover (Pharmacy Dub)
8. The Delorme - Spanish Fly (Dharma Bums Mix) [Zoom] stuttery choir vocals/spanish guitar
9. [44:30] ??? "I dont want to dance, get up and breathe" female / bongos (also on Golden 15-1-94)
9. [00:00] ??? "I dont want to dance, get up and breathe" female / bongos (cont)
10. [02:00] ??? inst
11. We Shape Space - The Message Part I (Groove For The Movers) funky guitar "stop, go, get on up & dance, and let your body freak"
12. Black Evita - Yo Mira! (Excuse Me) "turn that f**king music up a hole" female
13. Two Pals - Hallucinajolly [Marimba] todd terry style riff / calipso piano
14. Quivver - Saxy Lady
15. Two Pals - Fanakalo [Marimba] percussive / male chanting / whistles
16. Deep Creed - Warriors Dance (Mandingo Tribe Mix) "dow" male/android style riff
17. Loleatta Holloway - Stand Up "I dont have to worry baby, you better get up" female
18. Smooth Touch feat Althea McQueen - Come And Take A Trip (Erick "More" Club Mix)
19. Alison Limerick - Love Come Down
20. Payback - Big House Payback [Gorgeous] "dont stop, what you say come on, give it up" repeated male/piano
21. Chris & James - Club For life (Milky Bar Kids Mix) sax / panflute

original tape cover

comment : also seen this mix going around labelled as - Sasha Studio Set one 1993 & Sasha London Soundz, Sasha Son Of God studio set, Mar 94

bootleg tape cover

sasha london soundz tape cover   bootleg tape cover

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