DJ Vertigo - Hippy Pigs, Sept 92 (Grin)
1. The Reese Project - Colour Of Love (Reese Deep Mix) (Network)
2. Blew Onion - Moon Boot "boom cha"
3. The Age of Love - The Age of Love (Watch Out For Stella Mix)
4. Brothers Love Dubs - The Mighty Ming (Original Club Mix) [Stress]
5. Vicki Shepard - Love Has Changed My Mind (3 Beat) "oh baby let me say it, ever and ever"
6. Mendel's Discoveries - Landscapes 1 (inst)
7. East 17 - House Of Love (Wet Nose Dub)
8. Lorena Jaycee - Time No Time (Dom Dom Mix) "dum dum dum dum" male voice
9. Void - Destiny (Orcana Part 2) inst piano, sax
10. Slackjaw - Come On And Get Free (I Am Excited Mix) "come on, everybodys free, can you feel real free"
11. Dust Till Dawn - Feel My Love [Skeva] "yeah" female "feel my love" robotic male
12. Felix - Dont You Want Me (Red Jerrys Holiday Mix)

12. Felix - Dont You Want Me (Red Jerrys Holiday Mix) (cont)
13. Soundsource - Take Me Up (Illegal Remixes)
14. Jason Joy - Free Your Body (Piano Mix)
15. Mr Lee - Get Buzy (Club Mix)
16. Love & Sas - Dont Stop Now (Mickey Finn Remix) "im never gonna stop" piano, female vocal
17. XL Rhythm - Brothers & Sisters "just let the music motivate your mind"
18. Disco Brothers present Nu-Luv - Do It To Me One More Time
19. Smaller Than Zero - Move Your Body (Cone Blower Mix) [Love Juice Vol.1] piano
20. TrueBlood - Do That "do it to me now, I say you cheated on me" piano, break
21. Ray Keith - Regrets (inc frankie knuckles, tears accapella) piano
22. Smaller Than Zero - Soaking Wet (Rough Cut) [Love Juice Vol.1] "everyone its raining outside, you must be soaking wet"
23. Analysis - The Climax "wooh alright" piano
24. Rome - Move Your Feet (The Base Mix) (Profile) "rhythm is a feel good time, let it take you around & around" female/piano
25. Q-Tex - Natural High (Inst) "drop the bass" (sounds like Solo)
 Grin tape cover

Comment : this tape also going around as - DJ Sasha 11 studio mix September 1992

Vertigos mixes were re-labelled & sold down south as Sasha mixes, Vertigo - Hippy Pigs was sold as Sasha 11 studio mix, this is where the confusion about these mixes comes from.

also seen this going around labelled as Sasha @ Sterns 90 & Vertigo 90

bootleg tape cover

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