DJ Vertigo & Rob Tissera @ Circus Circus, Banbridge, N Ireland, 14th Aug 93
e-mail me if you can identify any of the unknown tracks
1. Finger Light - Heaven (Bass Mix) (Mammagamma ep) "yes I am"
2. The Popular Peoples Front Of Judea - Excellent [Immigration] sample from 'Bill & Ted'
3. Mukkaa - Neebro (Floor Federation Remix) [Limbo] funky guitar
4. Strawberry Bazaar - Bingo Specs Boogie [Limbo] "zonga right"
5. Stereogen - Hi-Q [Vinyl Addiction] "I need freedom, attack the dancefloor like a bulldozer"
6. Gipsy - Skinnybumblebee [Limbo]
7. Deep Piece - Panoramic Shuffle (Who Gotcha Car Mix) [Limbo] "ready to rock" male chanting
8. Hardfloor - Acperience [Harthouse]
9. Fargetta - Music Is Movin
10. Static Experience - Viva! [Hardware] (soft spoken female / piano)
11. Van Basten - Lizard King (Heroin Mix) [Brute] "your the only" female/echo piano
12. Remake - Fly Bird (Fly Version) [Top Secret Records] inst with echo piano

12. Remake - Fly Bird (Fly Version) [Top Secret Records] inst with echo piano (cont)
13. L-Dopa - BishBoom [Joint Effort] inst with synth stabs (also on la morita set)
14. Pagany - Du-Un Dada (Dance Authority ep Vol.1) [Sweat] "doom doom doom doom da da"
15. Cafe Latino - Esta Es La Musica "la muzika"
16. Torfinn - I'll Nostra Tempo De La Vita
17. Sonic Repo - Set U Free (Club Edit) "yeah, set you free" female scat / piano / electric guitar
18. BBR Streetgang - Loyal To You Too [Hubba Hubba] "wow" s-express scream/funky guitar "here comes the drums"
19. DJ Dero - Batucada (Tutti's Mix) drill sergeant/goodmen beat
Rob Tissera
20. Baffa - Piano On [X-Energy]
21. Mellow Mellow - I Cant Stop (Teknotribe Mix) [Music Man] "yeah" crowd cheer familiar
22. DOP - Groovy Beat (Rock-It Mix)
23. [30:40] ??? inst TUNE!
24. B e B - Touch Me (The Untouchable) [Marcon Music] "touch me" soft spoken female / organ
25. Brothers Love Dubs - Mings Incredible Disco Machine (Geeetaaar & Peeeyanno Mix) [Stress]
26. P.O.M. - Work Your Body [Extreme Records] "work work work your body, give it up" male
27. Atlas - Compass Error (North Mix) whailing female / familiar
28. Remy & Sven - Piano Power (First Pass Mix)

side A similar to Vertigo - La Morita, Sept 93
side B similar to Rob Tissera @ Ark, June 93


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