DJ Vertigo - Love Cabbage, June 92
1. Solo - So Beautiful (Phantasia Mix)
2. D-Code - Give "give a little love" samples lisa stansfield vocal
3. DJ Phantasy & Gemini - Never Try The Hippodrome
4. Gat Decor - Passion
5. Nightwrighters - Let The Music Use You (NRG Hardcore Mix)
6. E-Lustrious - On The Ragga Tip
7. Mr Monday - Busy Going Crazy "thank the lord" appregio bassline/piano
Smells Like Heaven - Londres Strutt "basslines kickin yes im groovin"
8. Lemon Interupt - Big Mouth (mouth organ track)
9. Smells Like Heaven - Londres Strutt "basslines kickin yes im groovin"
10. Flipped Out - Lovebomb (Remix) "everything gets higher" female/piano
11. Edge #1 - Compnded
12. Rhythm Quest - Closer To All Your Dreams
13. Mr E. Pressure, Stakker & Spindizzy - Cloud 109 [Uridium]
14. DJ Essentials Inc - Who's Gonna Give Us The Answer #1 "people hold on"
15. T.F.O - Mekanika "rocking steady, make this party freak"
16. Spacemaster - I Need You
1. Bassheads - Back To The Oldskool
2. Marlene - Touch Me "I wanna touch you, your body baby" female
3. B.B.F feat Lisa Millett - Sweat The Rhythm (Adiva Remixes) [Saber] "all I want to feel is the rhythm, watch the rhythm" female/piano
4. Jigsaw - Rapture (bassy/piano/breakbeat)
5. DJ Roy Silver - Were On The Move (Emotion ep) "you got the message, come on now" female/piano
6. Hallucogen 10 - Transformation ep [Funhouse] "everything will be 7th heaven" manic-take me away piano
7. DJ Roy Silver - The Deciever (Rainbow Zone Vol.1) "take me to the top, waahh" piano/rave
8. Deep Beats Vol.1 - (Track A2) "I got a special love but im not gonna break ya book" female
9. DBM - Real Dream "ooh ahh love" (well known)
10. Nush - Nush (Original Mix)
11. D:Ream - U R The Best Thing (inst)
12. Zhana - Sanctuary Of Love (acappella)
13. International - Come On (Vibing Vocal) [Produce] "come on baby lets go lets go" piano/male vocal
14. A Homeboy, A Hippie & A Funki Dredd - Revelations [Rising High] (briefly)
 tape cover

Comment : this tape also going around as - DJ Sasha 8 studio mix May 1992

Vertigos mixes were re-labelled & sold down south as Sasha mixes, Vertigo - Love Cabbage was sold as Sasha 8 studio mix, this is where the confusion about these mixes comes from.


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