DJ Vertigo - Bottled Up, Oct 93
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown tracks
1. All Boxed In - Happen (Pop Voxter Mix) "changing the colour of love" female / piano
2. Thee Housecat Experience - Ladyland (Aphrohead Mix) [Strictly Rhythm] "ohh yeah" repeated female
3. Screen II - Hey Mr DJ (Keep On Groovin) [Cleveland City]
4. [16:00] ??? inst with echo piano
5. [17:20] ??? "eeh yaa yaa, dance to the beat" piano (familiar)
6. Rhythm In Style - Just Go (samples Denise Lopez)
7. Crazy Fan Tutti - i VIVA ! (Dub) chanting
8. Bad Vibes - The Calling "yo leroy" male
9. Cantor & Moses -You Gotta Hope
10. Analogue City - It Was All About Love (Graeme Park Remix)
11. D-Code - Changing Under Pressure [IT Records]

12. The Beloved - Outer Space Girl [EastWest] "can you hear me out there"
13. Integration - Loosen Up (NY Club Mix) [Nice 'N' Ripe] "ill settle this" female / sax / chant
14. Lena Fiagbe - Gotta Get It Right (The PG Tips Anthem)
15. Gwen Dickey - Car Wash
16. You - Blow (Brain Mix) "you cant find the solution" female
17. Dee Fredrix - Whatever It Takes "I keep searching for your love" female
18. Allarme PSM - Lonely Times (Instrumental mix) [Synthetic] organ
19. [72:15] ??? funky guitar/female/riff like nightcrawlers
20. Sven van Hees - Tropical Aftermath [Global Cuts]
21. Rene Et Gaston - L'Eveil [Fresh Fruit]

original tape cover 

Comment : Vertigos mixes were re-labelled & sold down south as sasha mixes, so vertigo 9 was sold as sasha 9, which is where the confusion about these mixes comes from.

bootleg tape cover

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