DJ Vertigo - Bandito, Feb 93 [Grin]
1. Bandito - San Andreas [3 Beat Records] inst with horns
2. Jambo! - L'Echo L'Echo (Jero Feso) [Wonka Beats] has nitro deluxe riff
3. Hardfloor - Acperience 1 [Harthouse]
4. Bandito - Loco [3 Beat Records] inst / synth bass
5. 108 Grand - Te Quiero (Original Gypsy Mix) sounds like bang the party - bang bang your mine
6. Dr Atomic - Schudelfloss [Guerilla] "i can feel it" male
7. Sound Foundation - Spell On You "i put a spell on you, i need your love" female / guitar
8. Lovestation feat Lisa Hunt - Shine On Me (Tunnel Mix) sounds like eden
9. The Cotton Club - Lose Control (Cotton Wool ep) "its time to get busy baby, so I can lose control" female/broken beats
10. Kariya - Let Me Love You For Tonight ('93 Remix)
11. Groove Corporation meet Original Rockers - Stoned (Gold Seal Mix) briefly
11. Groove Corporation meet Original Rockers - Stoned (Gold Seal Mix) "out here were just stoned immaculate" jim morrison sample
12. Moodswings - Spiritual High (State of Independence) (Crunch Mix) [AD92]
13. Hypnotone - Deep Inside My Mind [First Love] "ohh deeper deeper" female / piano
14. Smpte - To Be With You (3rd ep) [Blockhouse] "so nice to be with you" rowetta vocals / piano
15. Black Girl Rock - The Theme "movin movin freestyle is movin"
16. Prefab Sprout - If You Dont Love Me (Deep Field Mix) bird noises
17. Apollonia - Apollonia (Original Mix) [OUT 3547]
18. Desire - Try The Love In Me [21 Records] "ill be loving thee,, never ever leave me" female / felix sounding riff (BIG tune)
19. Funky People - Higher Love "take me to a higher love" female / funky guitar
20. SSR - Hippodrome [Inside] "1234567" female
21. The Cotton Club - track A1 (Cotton Wool ep) female/sax
22. Outdance - Pump The Jumpin [Calypso] "the funky pounder" male
23. D:Ream - Things Can Only Get Better (12" D.Reamix)

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