DJ Vertigo - 42, Nov 93 [Grin]
1. Bandito - La Morita [3 Beat] scat flute / carino piano
2. Hall Of Jambo - Work Your Body [Extreme Records] "rock your body, get the point good lets dance" calipso / goodmen beat
3. Jubaba - Ritmo De Bom Bom (The Blunted Mix) [Extreme] "bom bom chicka chicka" male scat
4. De-Facto - Everybody (Are You Feeling Good?) "are you feeling good, everybody like you know you should" female
5. Johnny Vicious Frozen Bass - The Swing [US Vicious Muzik] "do it to the music, wind to the music, you got to get down" female
6. Jeanie Tracy - Its My Time [3 Beat] female/sax
7. D-Tek - Chunkafunk [Positiva] "boom chicka boom" male scat/funky guitar
8. The Flavour - No Matter What U Do (I'm Gonna Get With U) vocal sample from sugarhill gang
9. Illustrious GY - Im Ugly (Steve Proctor Acidisco Mix) [Arista] "ooh yeah, eeh yeah, baby alright" female / acidy
10. D-Chiching - Show Me Your Light [Undercontrol] "let it shine on me, burning in your heart" female
11. Rio Rhythm Band - Ti Amo Semprini (Up & Down Mix) [Vinyl Solution] "got to get down" female scat/disco sample
12. Rhyme Time Productions - Swing Man "the real swinging cat, de bop" male

12. Rhyme Time Productions - Swing Man "the real swinging cat, de bop" male (cont)
13. Terrence Parker - Hold On [Trance Fusion] "hold on, dont let go" gospel singing/piano
14. Seven Grand Housing Authority - The Question (K-Klass Nightshift Mix) [Olympic]
15. Hustlers Convention - Get Yourself Together (Volume Four) [Stress] male
16. Reel 2 Real - I Like To Move It (Inst) [Positiva]
17. Voices Of Kwahn - Ya Yae Ya Yo Yo Yo (female chanting)
18. Hysterix - Talk To Me (Sasha)
19. Bedrock - For What You Dream Of (Vocal Mix)
20. Dreamhouse - Freeflow [Funky Peace Productions] sounds like DOP
21. New Atlantic - Sunshine (samples the fatboys/piano)

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