Junior Vasquez @ Sound Factory NYC '94
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown tracks
[00:00] ? piano inst
Mamossa - Drive Me Crazy (Alright) (Its Alright Dub)
22 Large - I Like The Warm Weather (SK Tribal Dub Of Doom)
[18:00] ? "I want you" male
Wild Planet - Love So Strong (Under G Vocal Mix)
Radical Men - Higher Ground [Groove On]
Chez N Trent - Morning Factory
Chuggles - Thank You (The Hector Lopez Mix)
T.E.T. - Ear (Siphoned) [Vinyl Solution]
Sugar Kings - Better Be There (Bustin Beats) [Nitebeat]
Roy Davis - Mind Power (DJ Pierre's Original Wild Pitch Mix) [Guerilla]
Kick Drum - Release Yourself (Da Wild Pitch Mix)


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