Junior Vasquez @ Sound Factory NYC, May 1992
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown tracks
Underground Corpses - Terror On Cypress Ave (intro) "theres a big dark house near here"
Coco Steel And Lovebomb - You Cant Stop The Groove (Parts 1-4)
Oscar G. Presents Tilt - On My Mind
Trilogy - Good Time (The House Anthem Bonus Beats)
Wall Of Sound - Penetration
Madonna - Erotica (Masters At Work Dub)
Tyrrel Corporation - One Day (One Dub Mix)
Degrees Of Motion - Shine On (Junior Style Dub) / Sloppy - Can't Trust Nobody (Garage House Vocal)
[27:20] ? male scat
Jermaine Stewart - Set Me Free (Funky Dub Version)
Outdance - Reality (4:00am Mix)
Supertronic Co. - Getting Up [DFC] "I got my education" dropped in
Madonna - Erotica (Masters At Work Dub)
Johnny Dangerous - Problem #13
World Series Of Life - I Would Give Anything (Sil Piano Dub) "give us the future, give us what we need"
[46:15] ? Sterling Void - Alright (mix?)
Black Science Orchestra - Where Were You?
Double Exposure - Ten Percent (MAW Mix)
Dummy Head - I Have Been Wanting You (Total Intro)
T. Solomon feat The Two Potatoes - Dum Dum (Stupid Love Mix)
Child Of Slan - Always Say Ever (Balo Dub)
House Of Gypsies - Samba
Blake Baxter - Brothers Gonna Work it Out (Pump Da Bass Mix)
[62:10] ? "get the message"
Ten City - Only Time Will Tell
Club Ice - Manhassett (Space Mix)
MK - Always (12" Underground)
Cassio - Baby Love (Chord Mix)


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