DJ Vertigo - Snafu, 1994
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown track
1. SLP - Supernova (Trance Mix)
2. The Reese Project - The Colour of Love "all night long"
3. Yum Yum - 3 Minute Warning [Sperm Records] "get up, gotta get up" female
4. Virtue - Feeling Good (New Dawn) "its a new dawn, its a new day" Nina Simone vocals
5. Mozaic - Nothing In The World (Motiv 8 Full On Pumping Mix) "nothing in the world i cant be" female
6. [31:20] ??? "burning up" echo female
7. The Grid - Rollercoaster (Nemesis Mix) "lets ride, ride with me" female
8. The Centurions - Burn "you got me burning, burning burning up" female
9. Underground Sound Of Lisbon - Dance With Me "anihilating rhythm,, come on dance with me" vocals from Age Of Love
10. The Boss - Congo (D Max Mix) "raise your hand" goodmen beat
11. Pete & Russell - Givin It [Progress Records] "givin it all i got" female / piano
12. Duke - A New Beginning (Ramp Beginners Mix) "together, never gonna make it" male
13. The Peppermint Lounge - Body Rhythmic (Movin Melodies) male scat
14. Mr Roy - United States (Nush Remix)
15. Son of God - Hip 2 Hop "flip ma lip quick new tip with the hiphop" male
16. Respect - Young Hearts Run Free (Lovelands Nrgetically Executed Dub) familiar
17. Atlantic Ocean - Body In Motion (Dream Frequency Meets Rob Tissera Mix) "keep your body in motion" female
18. Legato - Concentrate [Urban Hero] "concentrate on the rhythm and the vibe" repeated female
19. Q-Sound - Good Night (bowlers track)

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