Up For It @ Tenby Dyfed, South Wales, late 94
Smokin Jo, Jon Da Silva, Jon Pleased Wimmin
World System Recordings
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown tracks
Smokin Jo - Pleasure Communications (59min)

1. The Fog - Been A Long Time (mix?)
2. Androgeny feat Michael M - I Could Be This… (Transy Tribal Mix)
3. D:Ream - Take Me Away (Deep Dub Mix)
4. Smooth Touch - Come And Take A Trip (Erick More Club Mix)
5. The Daou - Are You Satisfied (Bad Yard Dub) piano inst
6. Grant Nelson - TT K.M.A. (Untitled Mix 1) "hey dup dup now" male
7. [20:40] ??? "my house, get down" female
8. Project 4007 feat James Howard & Joe Wormly - Its Our Turn (DJ Duke's Funk Train Mix)
9. Kinky Riba - Check It Out
10. DJ Zeus - Shifting Gears (Grand Prix Mix) (Let The Music Lift You Up) "let the music take you up" slows down in middle
11. D-Mob - One Day (Eric More Reel 2 Dub Mix)
12. [43:40] ??? "body, what you gonna do" female
13. [47:30] ??? "now let it go on" male/funky guitar

Jon Da Silva - Musical Enlightenment (60min)
1. Pizzaman - DJ's Delight #1 "give up the funk, i wanna funk" (Acappella)
2. Screen II - Hey Mr DJ (Keep On Groovin) (Dasilva / McReady Mix)
3. Cotton Club - Dowatchawanna (Blue ep) "do what you wanna" male/funky guitar like shaft
4. You - Blow (Brain Mix) "just do your thing, heading for destruction, cos if you aint part of a solution you have a problem"
5. Sub Sub - Respect (Dasilva/McCready Mix) "how do you expect me to respect you, over over" female
6. Progression - Reach Further [Sorted] "reach reach up" male
7. R.M Project - Rock To The Beat (Club Mix) "gimme another tune & ill rock to the beat" riff from Psychotropic - Hypnosis
8. [27:00] ??? "jack your body till you see the light" male / acidy
9. M-People - Renasissance (Im Coming Home) (Macsilva Mix) acidy
10. Pako - Pakito Lindo "montegro, I cant stop"
11. Ralphi Rosario presents Xaviera Gold - You Used To Hold Me '94
12. Screen II - Hey Mr DJ (Keep On Groovin) [Cleveland City]
13. Lex Loofah - Freaky Deaky [Warp] "cope cos ive learnt to cope"
14. Chuck Roberts - Let There Be House (Acappella)
15. Edwards World - Soul Roots
16. Joe Smooth - The Promised Land
17. Toni Di Bart - The Real Thing

Jon Pleased Wimmin - Irresistable Force (90min)
1. Inner City - Pennies From Heaven (Kevin's Tunnel Mix)
2. [04:00] ? mamma say
3. The Boss - Congo (D Max Mix) [Strictly Rhythm]
4. Dr Alban - Sing Hallelujah (Red City Vocal Remix)
5. The Foot Club - Driftwood (Housemix) [Work] "that you know"
6. Rollo Goes Camping - Get Off Your High Horse (LuvDup Remix)
7. Bottom Dollar - You Cant Turn Around (Save The Robot's Dub)
8. [34:00] ? "can you read my mind" female/piano
9. Olga - Im A Bitch
10. Klatsch! - Dance (Be Happy) (Remix) [Fresh Fruit] "do you want to dance & be happy" female

11. Zeitia Massiah - This Is The Place
12. Blondie - Atomic (Diddy Remix)
13. Subliminal Cuts - Le Voie Le Soleil
14. Soundsation - Peace & Joy
15. JPW - Hammer House Of Handbag [EastWest] "oh my god, what is that" (appregio bassline)
16. Elevator - For Your Love
17. Farfability - Dont Mess With The Kids [Interactive Test] munchkins
18. Yum Yum - 3 Minute Warning (Scope Mix) [Sperm]
19. Full Monty Allstars - Brilliant Feeling (Legs In The Air Mix)

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