Transmission (Pack 4) 95 - John Digweed & Breeze
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John Digweed

1. Joe Roberts - Come Together (Joe T Vannelli Remix) "my enemy, crucify me, wildest dreams"
2. G.O.D. Limited - Inside Your Mind "ow ow ow, ooh yeah" female (familiar) sounds like revelation
3. Eve Gallagher - You Can Have It All (Rhyme Time Club Mix) "theres a rumour on the streets that you can have it all"
4. Kathy Sledge - Another Star (Joe T Vannelli Extra Dubby Mix) "sing it to ya" female / percussive
5. Self Preservation Society - The Whoop "aint no ....., get on the floor if you got that ..." piano / female scat
6. Argentino - Work This Pussy (Man DA Obsessive Mix) [UMM]
7. Capricorn - Spanish Fly (Stripped)
8. Blue Amazon - Four Seasons [Jackpot] stuttery female
9. Nootropic - I See Only You (Nootropic Mix)
10. Nick Hook - Skanking (Another Drug Mix) "now" male "im a whole different person" female
11. BT feat Vincent Covello - Loving You More (BT's Primordial Sound 12" Vocal)
12. Grace - Its Not Over (B.T.'s Spirit Of Grace)
13. Marco Polo - A Prayer To The Music (John Digweed's Northern Exposure Mix)

1. East Village Loft Society - Manhattan Anthem (An Englishman's Search)
2. The Question - Rip Tear Blow "rip it up, tear it up"
3. H2O feat Billie - Satisfied (Take Me Higher)
4. Thelma Houston - Don't Leave Me This Way (Joe T. Vannelli Dubby Mix)
5. Androgeny feat Michael M - Let's Talk About Me (So Hard Mix) "im fierce" camp
6. Happy Clappers - I Believe
7. Unit 46 - I Cant Help Myself "come on baby, yes I need you baby" female/disco cutup
8. [29:20] ? "jump jump to it"
9. Digi-Soul - Lift Me Up (Digi-Soul's Lift Mix) "lift me up in the morning/night" (female/piano)
10. [36:10] ? "higher higher, feel like dancin" male
11. The Crazy Frenchman - Music 4 U (Spirit Acappella) "cos its all about rhythm" male preacher
12. Mike Delgado - Latino Way (I Can Feel It) female
13. The Gloo Factory - The Hoe Down (Do-Si-Do-Mix) [Strictly Rhythm]
14. KC Flightt feat Kymbali - Bot Dun Bot [Radikal] whistle/male
15. Nightcrawlers - Push The Feeling On
16. Rockmelons - Loves Gonna Bring You Home
17. Love Happy - Message Of Love
18. The Bucketheads - The Bomb (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind)

comment: also seen the Digweed mix labelled John Digweed - Dream Mixtape 95 & Tease 96

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