Tony De Vit - Deeper Mixdown, early 93
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown tracks
[00:00] Mo'Kassa - Dance To The Beat [Plastic] "get on your feet dance to the beat"
[04:30] Roc & Kato - Jungle Kisses (Roc To The Beat Mix)
[06:40] Rhyme Time Productions - Go Back [Cleveland City] "come back back" echo male
[08:40] Aritmya - Hey Man (Impose Mix) [Calypso]
[12:00] Colorforce - Let Me Loose (Underbass Mix) [Chemical Music] stuttery male "drop it"
[14:30] Hoof - Detroit [Beeswax] "im going out of my head, see im crazy for you"
[18:20] Sundowners - Jungle Line (Original Edit Mix) "jungle eye, they dont talk of it" male
[22:50] Cobalt 60 - Burning (Under My Skin Mix) "dont you know, youve got me burning" female
[25:00] Sundowners - E-Pa (Original Mix) "get down" male
[28:20] Synthesis - Desire [Global Vision] "oh I want you in my life" stuttery female
[30:50] Pancake - See The Stars [Work] female
[32:50] Lovechild - Headhunter [Not On Label] "wo wo ohh" female
[34:30] Pancake - Don't Turn Your Back (Dub) [Work]
[39:00] ? "work work" male
[41:40] K. Hand Featuring Zoey - I Fuc*ed All Week
[44:00] Grip - On & On [Camp-R-E] "on and on, like a" male
[45:20] THK - France (Mars Mix) [Warp]
[50:50] The Producer - Arabic (S.N.S. Mix) [Hypa]
[52:30] High Society - Untitled [Spare Beat] "bow chick ahh" (piano)
[57:00] Known Chic - Atutu [Gyroscope] "keep on walkin" female
[59:30] The Aloof - On A Mission [Cowboy]
[63:40] Frontier Man - Express-It Thru The Dance "let my body jack, time to move your stuff" male
[68:00] Boom Generation - Zonix
[70:50] The Well Hung Parliament - We Can Be [Cowboy] "lets continue, make it rock, dont stop, we can be heroes"
[77:00] Jump - Luv It Up [Dark Records] "ow everybodys pumpin" familiar
[80:10] ? ambient/piano
[87:30] K. Hand Featuring Zoey - Ba Da Bing (mix?) "bada bing" female scat
[89:40] ? inst

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