Stars X2 (1996) - Jeremy Healy & Tony De Vit
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Jeremy Healy (45min)
1. 2 In A Room - Carnival (Armand's Kokonut Kila Mix)
2. Trancesetters - The Search (Armand's PU-TANG Mix) [Touche]
3. Heavy Weather - Love Can't Turn Around [Pukka]
4. Smoke Machine - Disco Sound [Mantra Vibes] "I like the disco sound"
5. Shandrew - I Want You [Alphabet City] "groove with the music" male
6. Pro-Active - We're Making House Music
7. DJ Tonka - (I Want You To) Feel (Remix) [Force Inc]
8. Cevin Fisher - Music Saved My Life (Red & Green London Underground Mix)
9. The Future Sound Of London - We Have Explosive

Tony De Vit (59min)
1. [00:00] ? briefly
2. Force Mass Motion - Fantasy [Rabbit City]
3. Cool Jack - Jus Come (Sharp Blasted Dub)
4. Tom Wilson - Let Your Body Go (Dance Like Yer Dad Mix)
5. Bum Bum Club - Play This House (Groove Industry Remix)
6. Mr. Whippy - Drop
7. Triple J - Deep House (2nd Stage Remix) "this house, deep into the vibe of house"
8. Bum Bum Club feat Roberta O'Neil - Your Love "give me your love" female
9. Rhythm Robbers Volume One - The Creator "jumpin, just keep on"
10. DJ Alan X presents The Children Of The Net - Lost
11. Committee - Welcome (I Said Shut Up)
12. Rebekah Ryan - You Lift Me Up (Hi-Lux Dub) "lifting me"
13. Space Kittens - Storm (Pete Bones Shaker Mix) [Hooj Choons]

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