Smokin Jo @ Leeds, March 93
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown tracks
1. Mukkaa - Buruchacca [Limbo] "gonna be alright"
2. Sole Fusion - We Can Make It (Touch and Grow Mix) [Strictly Rhythm]
3. Kamar - I Need You (Big Dub Mad) "im tired of being lonely, i need you" female/piano
4. [10:30] ? "ive got a good thing" male/jazzy piano
5. K&M - Funk & Drive
6. K-F.M. - Time (Knock Knock Sound Mix) [Italian Style Production]
7. No.Fe.Ri.Ni. - Do It Now (Solution ep Vol. 1) "come on, i can feel it" female/organ/piano
8. Bizarre Inc - Took My Love (MK What Up Dub) "you took my love, why you take him" female/sax
9. The Wildchild Experience - Know Eye (Long As You Like Mix) (Wildtrax Vol.1) [Loaded] byron scream
10. Annie Lennox - Little Bird (Todd Terry House Of Gypsies Dub)
11. X-Press 2 - Music Xpress
12. Sixth Sense - Dont You Feel It (Dub Mix) "feel, dont you feel it" female

13. Black Traxx #4 Project X - C'mon Let's Go [Night Club] "come on, say yeah, lets go"
14. Mephisto - State Of Mind (Arrhythmy Mix?) [Palmares] "wella ella" female
15. La Camorra - Te Quiero
16. Sunset Village Inc - So Real "ooh do it right, i feel so real" female (familiar)
17. Racoon - Tune by Racoon (Garage Edit) [Racoon Tunes] "yeah yeah yeah yeah, in this city"
18. [59:50] ? "ooh ooh baby, dont make me do it" female
19. Statement - Dont Give Up (Blue Statement In Blue Notes) "made me do it" female
20. Exposure - Party Claps
21. Masters Of The Monotonal Groove - Together [3 Beat] "together" repeated male/piano
22. Bottom $ - Infatuation
23. The Mellow-Dee Project - Take Me Higher (West Side Gang Mix) scat "takes me higher and higher" female/organ
24. Sister Sledge - We Are Family '93 (Sure Is Pure Remix)

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