Smokin Jo 3 or 4 - late 1993
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown track
1. [00:00] ? "I need some, I need someone" female
2. Terrence Parker - I Wanna Get 'Cha (Disco Revisited's Remix) [Trance Fusion]
3. Darryl James & David Anthony - Its Getting Bigger [Freeze] "yeah yeah yeah" female
4. RuPaul - Back To My Roots (Murk's Curl Activator Mix)
5. The Klubb Kidz - Come On (DJ Duke Master Mix) [DJ Exclusive] "cope cos ive learned to cope, come on"
6. Eric Perez Project - Release "release me yeah" female
7. Mental Instrum - Bott-ee Rider
8. Noobree Project - Music Please (Late Nite Slam Jam) [Mousetrap] "come on come on, music please" organ
9. [29:10] ? "give me lovin on yeah" female (also on Ku set)
10. Alex Party - Read My Lips
11. Alex Party - Cause I Can Do It [UMM] "cos i can do it right"
12. Reality - Yolanda (Erick "More" Dub) [Strictly Rhythm]
13. E & R - Do Me (Reel 2 Real Dub) [Strictly Rhythm] "woh woh" (also on Ku set)
14. Dance Fever - Out On The Dancefloor [Definitive] "movin to the beat" pamela fernandez vocal
15. A Man Called Adam - I Am, Is The Way
16. X-Press II - Muzik Xpress
17. Nick Scotti - Wake Up Everybody (mix?)

comment: ive seen this set with 2 different tape covers so unsure if its volume 3 or 4

original tape cover  original tape cover

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