Jon Da Silva @ Miss Moneypennys Tease Club Classics, early 94
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown track
1. Hyper Go Go - Never Let Go
2. Gospel Fish - Too Much Gun Talk (Acapella)
3. Kenny Dope presents The Mad Racket - Supa (Deep In Brooklyn Mix) [Big Beat] "can I kick it"
4. DOP - Electronic Funk "give up the funk, i wanna funk"
5. Screen II - Hey Mr DJ (Dasilva / McReady Mix)
6. Cotton Club - Dowatchawanna (Blue ep) "do what you wanna" male/funky guitar like shaft
7. Country & Western - Positive Energy
8. Phuture Scope - Plastic (Wild Pitch Mix) [Emotive] "plastic dance" male
9. U2 - Lemon (Bad Yard Club)
10. Sub Sub - Respect (Dasilva/McCready Mix) "how do you expect me to respect you, over over" female
11. Ideal - She (Dasilva On The One Remix) [Eastern Bloc] "no you cant turn your love, reboard"
12. Big Bad Massive - Carlos (Dada Trance Mix) male scat/hammond
13. D-Tek - Drop The Rock (Sound Structure Remix) "put your hands together" female "come on come on" male
14. FKW - Seize The Day (Deuce's Dub?)
15. You - Blow (Brain Mix) "just do your thing, heading for destruction, cos if you aint part of a solution you have a problem"
16. Gospel Fish - Too Much Gun Talk (Acapella)
17. Mike Ink - Paroles (Illegal ep) [Edge] broken beats
18. Pergon #1 - The Deliverer [Important]
19. Cool House - Rock This Party Right (1988 acid tune)
20. [70:00] ? percussive inst (also on Moneypennys 4-6-94)
21. Slo Moshun - Bells Of NY
22. The Sound Man feat Mercy - The Factory (Duke's Massive Blast) "woow welcome to the factory" female
23. Alex Party - Read My Lips
24. Ten City - That's The Way Love Is (Acieed Mix)

comment: maybe 19th Feb 94

original tape cover

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