Zone @ Sequins 94 - Dave Taylor & Chris Baker + MC
1. Taboo - Good Life
2. Stereo Agents feat Linda - Do You Really Love Me [Italian Style] "do you really like me" female / male rap
3. Drop - In Your Face "some grace in your face" female
4. Future Brain - Get Ready [DDM] "bow bow boogaloo, lets go lets go" male
5. JK - Beat It "you got a feeling deep inside of me" female
6. The End - You Got Me Burning (Love Mix) [Flying] "you got me running after you" female / piano
7. T.H.K - Feel So Good "ahh feels so good, the feeling" female / piano
8. Force Mass Motion - Listen Up [Rabbit City] "smooth operator" male rap
9. M.A.N.I.C. feat MC Ten - Jump Into This "I jump into you, bump & grind" female
10. Chapter 9 - Feel Free [Ouch!] "lets do it yall, feel free"
11. Motiv 8 - Rockin 4 Myself "does it make you feel go, rocking by myself" female
12. Ramirez - El Gallinero (the chicken song)
13. Sext - Do It One More Time (Euro Mix) "do me one more time" female

1. 49ers - Keep Your Love "keep your loving, I dont want it" female
2. DJ Molella - Confusion "I feel confusion, deep inside of me" female
3. Fargetta - Music (My First Love)
4. Sharada House Gang - Dancing Through The Night
5. Anita Adams - Got To Feel Good "got to feel real good" female
6. Techno City - Warm Me Up "it would be all so nice" rowetta vocals
7. Joy Salinas - People Talk "keep your head high" female
8. DFA - Keep In My Way [Out]
9. JK - You Make Me Feel Good "its alright" female / piano
10. Trivial Voice - Movin' Over [Italian Style] "move your body, move it over" male
11. Decktition - Love Rush
12. Loren-X - Shake It Up (Spiritual Mix) [Italian Style] "shake it down, shake your body down" female
13. Genius Force - Give Love (Baldo Mix) [Welcome] "you got to get on up" female 
14. Phase III - You Got To Get Loose [Extreme] "just let the music motivate your mind" female
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