Dave Seaman @ Renaissance, July(ish) 93 (59min)
e-mail me if you can identify any of the unknown tracks
1. Beat System - To A Brighter Day (O Happy Day) (Nightmares On Wax 12" Mix)
2. [01:50] ? inst
3. D.A.M. Project - Stop, Look & Listen (Club Mix) "looking at you, stop look and listen cos you havent heard the latest" female/organ
4. Joe T Vannelli feat Csilla - Play With The Voice (foreign female)
5. Hardrive - Deep Inside "deep down inside, all we need is love" female
6. [14:10] ? "moving your body, dont let them steal your" repeated female (on GP @ hac july 93)
7. [17:10] ? "dont stop, do it, its your life, live your life, for yourself" female/organ
8. Tommye - I Need To Go Away (All By Myself) "i need to go away all by myself"
9. The Strange Life - A Lil Bit More (Little By Little Mix) "give you lovin ah yeah" female

10. Lifeforce - Scatterbox (briefly)
11. Beat System - To A Brighter Day (O Happy Day) (Wag Ya Tail 12" Mix)
12. Danny Campbell & Sasha - Together (Mount Rushmores Sound Cell Solution)
13. Joe Roberts - Back In My Life (Classic Mix)
14. Mount Rushmore - Ive Got The Music In Me
15. Eric Perez Project - Release "i need release, release me yeah" female
16. First Choice - Dr. Love "doctor love"
17. Taylor Dayne - Cant Get Enough Of Your Love (C&C Club Mix 1) cover version of barry white (briefly) 

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