Dave Seaman & Ian Ossia @ Ark, Leeds Corn Exchange 31-7-93
Dave Seaman
1. Analogue City - It Was All About Love
2. Direckt - Two Fatt Guitars (Skankin Mix) "gimme another tune & ill rock 2 da beat" samples chic - le freak
3. Torfinn - I'll Nostra Tempo De La Vita "take you to a higher degree" male / calypso carnival / piano
4. Brothers Luv Dubs - Ming's Incredible Disco Machine (The Playboys Fully Loaded Mix) [Stress]
5. Janet Jackson - If (Brothers In Rhythm Dub) [Virgin]
6. You - Blow (Cosmic) "heading for destruction, cos if you aint part of a solution you have a problem"
7. Gwen Guthrie - Aint Nothing Going On But The Rent (E-Lustrious Mix)
8. Brothers In Rhythm - Forever And A Day
9. Utah Saints - I Want You [FFRR] "back to the front" piano

Ian Ossia
10. Staxx - Joy
11. Delta Lady - Anything You Want
12. Monschau - Cynic [Global Beat Music] "yeah" piano/scratching
13. Bass Funk - I Wanna Bass (Celestial Mix) [New Music International] "you wanna deal with me, I wanna deal with you" male
14. Kerry Shaw - Could This Be Love (D.O.P. Spookie Billy Ray Mix) "love love love" female
15. Illuminatae - Tempestada [XVX Records]
16. Remake - Magic Fly [Top Secret Records]
17. Uno Clio - Pleasure "walking on sunshine"
18. Hyper Go Go - Never Let Go (Mukkaa Mix) [Positiva]
19. Rejuvination - Requiem / X-Sample - Livin Together "dirty money, living together"
20. Sensation - Beautiful Morning (Fluke's Magimix)


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