James Savage @ 1 Love (3rd Birthday Party) June 1995
1. Mediterraneo feat Frankino - Los Parajso De Los Locos [UMM]
2. Rhona Johnson - Keep Looking Up "its alright"
3. Justine - Want Me Love Me (Fathers Of Sound Love Guitar Mix)
4. Shanna - Your Love (F.O.S. Pyramid Vocal Mix) "giving all your love, spreading your love" female
5. Kylie Minogue - Confide In Me (Big Brothers Mix)
6. The Human League - John Cleese: Is He Funny? (Self Preservation Society Mix)
7. First Joy - Lets Get It On (Explosive Dub Mix) [Whoop!]
8. Dana Dawson - 3 Is Family (T-Empo Dub)
9. Disco Citizens - Right Here Right Now (Say It Again)
10. D'Bora - Going Round (Dancin Divaz Mix) "you got me going round"
11. South Street Players - (Who?) Keeps Changing Your Mind (Sure Is Pure Mix)

original tape cover

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