DJ Sasha & Russ @ Danza 91, Oz, Central Pier, Blackpool 1991 (45min)
1. M.K.- Get It Right [Network]
2. PWM - Are You Ready To Move (Deep Rave Mix)
3. PWM - Get Yourself Together (Inst)
4. Todd Terry Project - Never Give Up "what do you like to do, lets go bang"
5. C&C Music Factory - Things That Make You Go Hmmm (Classic House Mix)
6. Basscut - Im Not in Love
7. Thelma Houston - Throw You Down "down down down"
8. Thirst - Enemy Within
9. S.L.D. - Gettin Out
10. Daybreak - Tommorow [Flying] "daybreak, everybody move your body, til tomorrow"
11. The Final Word - Wanna Be With You (Rome Club Mix) "wanna tell you now"  sax
12. 1st Project - Drop the ? [Fokus] "r u ready for this"


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