DJ Sasha & Breeze @ Miss Moneypennys, Sept 94 (Double pack)
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* Sasha * Sept 94 (60min) aka Tease 2
1. BT - Embracing The Sunshine (Sashas Mix)
2. Warp Factor 1 - Care 4 Me [Holographic] "oh baby you don't care for me" piano
3. Kylie Minogue - Confide In Me (Big Brothers Mix)
4. Olga - Im A Bitch [UMM]
5. C.A.P. - Rising [Seven Valley] inst with piano
6. B.O.D. No More Mind Games (Its A Dream Mix) sounds like - DJ Dick - Weekend
7. Histerya - Love Nature (Joy & Kaya Remix) "show all your lovin yeah"
8. Quivver - Twist & Shout
9. Spoonio - Do One More (Slo-Moshun's Tribal One) [Deep Distraxtion] "wahhh, give it more" timpani drums
10. Rebound - Make It Funky (Rebound ep) "getting funky now"

* Breeze * 5th Nov 94
1. Jam & Spoon - Stella
The Crazy Frenchman - Music 4 U (Spirit Acappella) "cos its all about rhythm" male preacher
2. Praxis feat Kathy Brown - Turn Me Out (The Delorme's UK Club Mix) [Stress]
3. Lena Fiagbe - Here We Go Again (PG Tips Anthem Mix) "ooh tell me, here we go go go" female 
4. Deborah Wilson - Do You Love What You Feel [Stealth] 
5. Jupiter - Destiny (Jupiter 'Deep Inside' Uranus Mix) "deep inside me, we were made to be together" female / piano 
6. [18:00] ??? "I feel so good now now" female / percussive
7. [23:20] ??? "dance dance, ooh yeah, do it yall" male
8. 808 State - Bombadin "bam ba doom" male scat / percussive
9. Androgeny feat Michael M - I Could Be This...
10. The Coming Out Crew - Free, Gay & Happy
11. Real Touch Concept - Chunks Of Funk "clap your hands stomp your feet" JB samples / horns
12. Vivian Lee - Music Is So Wonderful "musics so wonderful"
13. Reel 2 Real feat The Mad Stuntman - Go On Move '94 (Smooth Touch Gets Phearce Dub)
14. [50:50] ??? has nikita warren piano / sax
15. Kitsch In Sync - Jazz Ma'Ass [Global Grooves] "jazz ma ass man" male
16. [57:40] ??? "aint nobody baby" repeated male
17. Hardhead - New York Express [Strictly Rhythm] "new york, new york, london, amsterdam" male 
18. Taiko - Echo Drop (Dub) [Consolidated]
19. The Brand New Heavies - Back To Love (DJ Duke Mix)
20. Interaction Feat Michelle Weeks - Show Em How It Works "show them how we do it, ah yeah, youve got to move" repeated female 
21. [77:00] ??? "dont you wanna spend some time, in my house, my house is free" female 
22. S.O.U.L. S.Y.S.T.E.M. - Its Gonna Be A Lovely Day

 original tape cover

comment: the sasha tape from this double pack is also available as Miss Moneypennys (Tease) - Sasha 2
 original tape cover original tape cover

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