DJ Sasha & Smokin' Jo - Harmony / Bangkok (Double Pack) '93
* Tape 1 - Sasha @ Harmony at The Institute, Birmingham, Early '93 (60min) *
1. TC 1993 - Harmony (Bump Mix)
2. Evolution - Everybody Dance (Chic Insperational Mix)
3. David Morales & The Bad Yard Club - Give Me Love "give me what I need"
4. Rupaul - Supermodel (you better work)
5. Gabrielle - Dreams (Our Tribe House Mix)
6. Jean Michael Jarre - Chronologie 4 (Sunscreem E-Motion mix)
7. Arizona - Slide On The Rhythm
8. S1000 - Not Gonna Do It (Big Blue Mix) "jumpin, jumpin, pump that feeling, give it everything" piano
8. S1000 - Not Gonna Do It (Big Blue Mix) (cont)
9. FPI Project - Rich In Paradise (remix)
10. Hope - Tree Frog "listen, its getting closer"
11. Gabrielle - Dreams (Our Tribe House Mix) 
12. Subterrania feat Ann Consuleo - Do It For Love "we gotta move these feet going on"
13. Xen Mantra - Golden Delicious (Dandy Lion & Burdock Remix) "come on, yeah"
14. Mellow Mellow - I Cant Stop (Mellow Club Mix) "aha I cant stop"
15. Direckt - Two Fatt Guitars (Babetastic Mix) "do it man"
* Tape 2 - Smokin' Jo @ Bangkok, Coventry '93 (59min) *
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown track 
1. The Mighty Dub Katz - Only When Im Dancing Do I Feel This Disco "only when im dancing can i feel this free"
2. [04:00] ??? female scat 
3. Solution - Feels So Right [E Legal]
4. London - Harmony (NYC Club Mix) [First Choice] "its harmony, sing out and rejoice"
5. Dee Fredrix - Dirty Money (Satoshi Dirty Vocal Mix) "turn me on, turn me out, baby you can sell your soul but you cant have mine" female
6. Martha Wash - Runaround (Tee's 12" Mix) [RCA] "I wanna hear some music, I wanna run around, underground"
7. Sensible House - Give A Little More (Sub-Urban Mix) "give a little more, dont you stop" 
8. Those Guys - Good Vibrations (Deeper Dub Mix) "I feel it" female/male scat 
9. Shadii - My People (Morel's "Doom" Dub Mix) [Strictly Rhythm] "my people, just a little bit o lovin" male

9. Shadii - My People (Morel's "Doom" Dub Mix) [Strictly Rhythm] (cont)
10. Spank Da Monkey - Cosmic Disco Rebash (Naughty But Nice ep) inst
11. X-Press 2 - London X-Press "raise ur hands"
12. Beat The Beats - Back In Time [Signal] "die die" male/funky guitar
13. Direckt - Two Fatt Guitars (Skankin Mix) chic "gimme another tune & ill rock 2 da beat"
14. D.M. Johnson - Say A Little Prayer "together, forever, believe it" female
15. Sunset Village Inc - So Real "ooh do it right, i feel so real" female (familiar)
16. Cheeky Chunes Volume One - Zipadee Do Da [Cheeky Chunes] funky guitar
17. TC 1993 - Harmony (The Train Mix) im freaking out man bassline-ish

tapepack cover

comment: the Sasha set is possibly Ian Ossia

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